Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Alaska, Day 2

It was raining when we got up and we didn't get a good look at the sun for the next 3 days . . .

We got up, went to breakfast, and then met up with Renee at Costco - so she could get some food and other things for the wedding.  It was Erin's first time meeting Renee.  Cool.  We did our shopping - Erin and I even got a cute jacket there!  We also convinced my mom to buy this awesome raincoat - with a hood, just like she wanted.  It was a little more than she would have spent if we didn't convince her to do it.  :)  But it looks great on her and with all that rain, I am pretty sure she is super happy we made her buy it.  That was my birthday present - making her buy her a coat.  :)  I'm pretty awesome like that.

Anyways, we then drove the rest of the way to Valdez - in pouring, drenching rain.  It never relented.  It was super no fun.  UGH, as my kids would say. We did make a stop at some huge cabin my brother had built for someone.  It was a really cool cabin.  But Lucy just cried the whole time because I made her leave her boo in the car.  Nice.

We finally made it to my brother's cabin and stopped there for a bit.  We were a little unsure if we were going to be able to make it in to town since the road had flooded the day before.  But we were told they put up sandbags and would be okay.
 That's my brother's cabin.  Still in the making.  It's a really unique design and lay-out, but I think it's cool!  It was fun to see his place and exactly where he lives - 46 miles from Valdez.  He has about 8 acres of property.  One section of his property is devoted to his building site.

After we were met up with Derek at his place, we all drove in to town and went to a restaurant for dinner.  We met up with Renee's brother Brian (there are some many coincidences with Renee's family and our family!) and his wife, Janice.  They live like 1-mile away from my in-laws!  And Janice thinks she knew - or knew of - my sister-in-law Debbie.  Okay, while I'm doing this, I'll go ahead and bring up the similarities:
1.  Renee and Derek both have older brothers named Brian.
2.  Renee and Derek's mothers have the same birthday - which is the day they got married, September 8th.
3.  Brian and Janice live in Littleton.
4.  Janice went to the same high school as Ben and his siblings.
5.  Janice and Erin both work for the BLS - Bureau of Labor Statistics.
6.  I think there are more, but I can't remember . . .

Anyways, we had a good dinner and then went back to Renee's house and put the kids to bed.  Erin, Ollie, Lucy, and I all slept in Josten's room (Josten is Renee's 13-year old son).  The kids slept on the floor, Erin on the bottom bunk, me on the top.  It turned out to be a fine set-up.

 Driving in the rain - we became very, very familiar with this.  We would have dense, dense fog.  The clouds just seemed to be layers and layer thick.

Lucy and Ollie in the backseat.  They were such troopers!  This was not a super kid-friendly vacation, yet they were great.  Sure, they had their moments, but overall I was impressed, so impressed, with both of them.  What cuties.

We stayed up visiting with family and then headed to bed.


erinmalia said...

now that the pain of tons of driving and tons of rain is behind us, i want to go back! ha.

courtney said...

wow! what an amazing builder your brother must be. i'm looking forward to one day visiting your family in the cabin he builds for you!