Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alaska, Day 3

Erin and I started the day playing with our kids downstairs until people upstairs started waking up.  :)  The kids didn't really get up that early, so that was nice.  Erin and I got to go on a wet run that morning and that was fun.  We ran around the town (it's pretty small . . .) and ended up heading out a little bit to a huge, gushing waterfall.  It was pretty impressive!  There was a little stream there, too, loaded with huge fish.  It was pretty cool.

After the run we (Erin and Ollie and me and Lucy in one car, my parents in another, and Janice and Brian and Josten in another) went for a couple short outings.  Derek had told us of a road to go on to see bears.  I guess a mama bear had four cubs last year and they kind of hang out around there.  So we went and bears we did see - I saw two, no three.  Lucy didn't want to get unbuckled from her car-seat to even just look from our car!  Silly girl.  We saw this bear - maybe 50 feet away?  We saw it grab a fish and eat it - pretty cool.

 Lucy finally got a little brave and let me unbuckle her so she could the bear.  We were right by a ledge and Erin had joked, "I bet there's a bear right down there and we just can't see it!"  Well . . . she was right .  A few minutes later I am saying, "There's a bear right there!!"  It was like 10 feet from our car.  Awesome.  We drove out of the way quickly.  :)

 After the bear outing we drove out to the Valdez Glacier.  It was really cool - this picture does it no justice at all.  It had all these icebergs in the water and was just beautiful.  Josten said he ice-skated here last winter - crazy cool.

We went home and the little kids had lunch and a nap.  Erin and I went shopping at a few places in town.  I found some cute things for the kids.  Oh, and me, too.  :)

After the kids woke up we headed the 46 miles up to Derek's cabin where a little dinner shindig was going to be happening at 6.

Friends brought in lots of good food, hamburgers and fish were grilled, as well as reindeer hot dogs (that we had bought at Costco!).  It was only slightly drizzling at Derek's place and so we lucked out a bit.
Our two cuties enjoying their juice.

Lucy just playing and being really adorable.  I think she's like my dad a little bit:  she demanded asked for her jacket and rain coat to be off.  Whatever, she was happy without them.

 Here is the wedding sign made by Josten.  :)

 This picture just shows a little bit of the area.  This is all part of Derek's property.  His cabin is down a little path and across the gravel road.  Maybe a 1/4 of a mile from here?

What a fun picture of us siblings!

We hung out for a bit and then a little before 8 Erin and I and our two little ones headed back down to Valdez.  It was a nice evening and fun to see and meet a lot of Derek's and Renee's friends and neighbors.


erinmalia said...

you're going to have to take down that picture RIGHT NOW. hahaha. i have a truly great one of us three. i'll send it to you. this is just...bad.

erinmalia said...

ahhhh, much better!

courtney said...

how fun to travel with your sister and for lucy to have a little traveling companion, too! have i mentioned that it all looks so beautiful?