Friday, September 13, 2013

Alaska, Day 5 and 6, Going Home . . .

Erin and I started the day with another run (actually, we started the day with Ben waking me, Lucy, and my mom up - he called my mom's cell phone . . . forgetting about the time change. . .).  Of course it was drizzly, but still a great run.  We ran along the harbor on the boardwalk.  Pretty cool.  Not something I do everyday.  :)

After that we pretty much got ready and packed our bags and headed up to Derek's for one last visit.  Derek showed us his "building" site - where he does all of his log work.  He has some cabins up there and it's just cool to see.  Someday I hope to have him build us one!  :)  He does some great work.

We said our goodbyes and then headed on to Anchorage, about 5 hours away.  While it was pouring in Valdez and sprinkling at Derek's place, it cleared in less than 15 miles and we had awesome weather and could see Amazing Alaska!  All that we missed on our drive out on Friday.  It's beauty is just incredible.  I didn't even get a picture of the majestic Wrangell Mountains.  Stunning.
 Heading out from Derek's place.

 We stopped here and took a look at the Matanuska Glacier.  So cool.  The kids had snack and we got to stretch our legs a bit.

 A closer look.

My cute sis and nephew.

We made it in to Anchorage before 7pm - and we had time to kill since our flight was scheduled for midnight.  So we went out to eat.  Then we went to the movie Planes.  It was an okay show.  Ollie held out for quite a while before finally succumbing to sleep.  Lucy stayed awake for the whole show: 

Then we drove to the airport parking, parked our rental car, then took the shuttle to the airport.  Ollie stayed asleep: 

Our plane was delayed on boarding, then once we boarded we had to wait because the wings had ice on them.  Oh bother.  But Lucy was out - way before we took off.  I think we took off close to 1 1/2 hours late.  Lucy and Ollie slept like champs - the entire time!  Even the landing didn't wake up Lucy!  Poor gal.  But, being late, caused my sis and Ollie to miss their connection  - just barely, though!  Her plane was right at the gate next to ours coming in and we could still see it when we arrived!  Bummer.  But Erin was able to get on another flight about 2 hours later.  So we got to hang out.  Erin and I checked our emails, the kids played play-do, etc.  Then Erin and Ollie finally boarded and Lucy and I headed out to find us some frozen yogurt.  Yum!  Lucy ended up getting ice cream . . .
I think she liked it.

Then we went up the escalators, visited a toy store, then headed to our gate.  Lucy fell asleep in my arms.  She's heavy.  But she only slept for about 15 minutes and then woke up when I put her down on our seat.  She was all chatty with a gal behind us who was flying with her 2-year old son.  She kept trying to talk, but those propellers are so loud it was hard to hear her!  Oh well, that didn't really stop her.  The flight was pretty uneventful, we landed, my friend picked us up, we got our luggage, drove home, then I was locked out!  Bummer!  I was so ready and anxious to shower and take a nap before I had to get the kids from school.  I ended up using our neighbor's phone and got a hold of Ben at work.  He had his boss drive over our keys.  I got in, put Lucy to nap, then took a shower.  I didn't have enough time to really nap and I was worried that if I did, I would just sleep through my alarm, so I didn't.

Emmy and Jonas both came running and jumped on me when I got them from school.  :)  It made me feel like they might actually like me.  Miles smiled - so the jury is still out if he likes me or not.

A great trip.  A really great trip!


Niederfam said...

AHHHH... I LOVE LOVE these posts/travelogue. THANK YOU for all your details. LOVE it. Renee seems just lovely and I'm so excited for Derek and your family. SUPER COOL. Glad you were able to be there. Sorry about the RAIN......ugh....but do-able....and it's still BEAUTIFUL, just MAJESTIC.

I have NO doubt all of your kiddos missed you and were THRILLED to see you and Lucy back. Jury is NOT out, Miles is just playing it cool.....remind me alot of my Mitt. ;)

Angie Hawkes said...

What a fun trip! Congrats on the family additions. Those similarities were pretty wild, but fun too!

courtney said...

oh, it is so beautiful! i went to AK with my brother about 14 years ago. i loved every second - but it was so frustrating to have the pictures look so different from how it was in real life! glad you at least got a shower before the kids got home. i'm tired just reading about it!