Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alaska, Day Derek and Renee Get Married!

September 8th, 2013

 We got up there (Derek's place) an hour or so before the actual wedding was to happen and so Derek took us on a little walk from his cabin.  My dad kept saying that we should head back as we should help and such, but Derek kept telling him, "There is nothing to do."  Awesome.

 We chatted for a bit in Derek's cabin.  Again, this picture does no justice to the view from this large window in his cabin.  It's amazing!

 The bride and her niece-to-be Lucy.  :)

 Let the ceremony begin . . . Here is Derek getting a first look at his bride as she walks up the path.

 The lovely bride Renee.

 The wedding line - or something like that.  From left to right:  Josten, Colette (Renee's best-friend from college), Renee, Antoinette - a flower girl/daughter of Meg, Meg (the "officiator"?  I'm not sure what to call her, but she's their friend and neighbor and was able to marry them that day), and Derek.

 I stole this idea from my sis.  Kind of a fun shot.

 Renee:  "I do."

 Derek:  "I do."

 The rings.

 "I now pronounce you wife and husband!"  I'm not sure why she put wife first, but she did?!

 Now kiss!

 Their rings.  Lovely!  (Nice fingernails bro.)

 Aren't they cute?

 So sweet.

 The happy (and shocked) parents.  :)

Our family!

After the ceremony, we headed down the road a bit to a lodge.
 The wedding cake.

 Derek did all of the log work in the lodge's new addition.  It was pretty!

 Renee eating cake,

 Derek eating cake,
 and Lucy eating cake!

We stayed and visited for a bit, then Erin and I and our crew headed back to Valdez.  It didn't take Ollie and Lucy too long to fall asleep!  As we got closer to town, we decided to take a detour and drive down the road where we had seen the bears the day before.  We drove to the end of the road - and right when we were going to turn around, we saw a bear cross the road.  Cool.  Then when headed back on the road and found this bear:

We saw him get in the water and even get some fish.  Then we saw another bear up on the hillside going up.  Super cool.  Lucy was happy to be sleeping in the back . . .

A great day and we are so excited to have Renee as part of our family!


Nicole said...

Congrats to Derek and Renee! The scenery is stunning for sure! Loved the pic of the shoes :) And very cool bears!!
Glad the kids behaved so well!

courtney said...

lots and lots of bears! did you and erin bring ant bear spray on your runs? that would have freaked me out, just a little. :)

the wedding looks like a perfect day!