Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Update . . .

Alrighty, so for journaling purposes, I must do an update.  :)  I tend to get wordy with these, so we shall see . . .

She is handling being the only child at home quite well.  We were so super busy the first few weeks of school that she didn't have a lot of time at home missing her siblings.  So that was good, I guess, in some ways.  Things have slowed down for us, but we still do story-time once a week, she runs with me twice a week, has gymnastics once a week, goes VTing with me, and we go to Mostly Music once a week.  Plus the little errands we have to do now and again, the weekly laundry, prep for meals, and our bi-weekly grocery trips.  Sometimes we do "school" at home, but I haven't figured out the perfect schedule for that.  She does ask me, "When does Emmy and my brothers come home?"  She's sweet - for the most part - and fun to hung around - for the most part.  She is 100% cute.  I told her today that she was beautiful, but she said, "No, I'm cute."  So I told her, "You're beautiful, cute, pretty, and handsome."  She thought I was funny.  She likes to dress herself in the mornings - which is dandy.  But she still hates pants and so we'll see what it's like getting dressed in the wintertime.  (Actually, Friday's low here is 30.  Brrrrrr.)

I think she likes school.  She's happy going and happy when I pick her up, so I take those as very good signs.  But she's cranky about 2 seconds after coming home (but I can't tell if it's any more than usual???  or from the fact that she's held it in all day and gets to release it all on her lucky mother???).  Not always, but sometimes.  She does like to just go and play alone in her room - without Lucy.  But then she'll also cry to me because she wants someone over to play with.  She hasn't told me that school is "long" lately, so I guess that's good too.  She does tell me that sometimes school is boring.  Which it is at times, so I don't disagree with that.  She had to stay home for her first time this past Tuesday due to another UTI, but mainly from an earache.  Luckily the antibiotics for her UTI have probably helped with her possible ear infection.  I had several errands to do on Tuesday and so she had to come.  She wasn't happy and threw (screamed?) a nice fit - but later, on her own, so did say to me, "Sorry about my behavior Mom."  Awesome.  Maybe there is hope for her.  :)  She has friends in her class and tells me about some of the cute boys.  Oddly enough, she likes school lunch on the days she gets to eat it.  She likes her teacher.  She picks out her clothes each day.  She's a pretty cute kindergartner.

He always says he had a good day at school.  Great.  His best-buddy is Ivan, who is also in his class.  His teacher told me he is chatty.  His spelling needs improvement.  His penmanship, which was really nice in kindergarten, is not-so-nice now.  He is close to being in the "penmanship club" - not a club he wants to be in (a club in which the kids work on their handwriting).  When he takes his time, he has really nice handwriting.  On our hike last Saturday he said his teacher wanted fall leaves.  So he and I collected a bunch.  Then we made them in to a cool mobile with a tree branch and the leaves (which I lamenated) hanging down on fishing string.  It looked good, I think.  He gave it to his teacher.  He is in to football right now.  That's what he and his friends play at recess.  But yesterday he told me that he hates how some of the kids play because they tackle too rough.  Life is tough.  He does his homework when he should and with very minimal to zero complaining.  That's nice.  He's a pretty nice boy to have around.

He likes school, likes his teacher, and got new shoes for the first time.  New, new - as opposed to "new" hand-me-down shoes.  Ben took him and Jonas and it was probably good (for the boys' sake) because 1.  I would not have spent that much money, and 2.  I would have bought shoes that may not have been their first choice, but was their correct shoe-size. . . Man, moms are so boring.  Miles doesn't like doing his homework, but he's complaining less about it (I mean, it takes him soooo little time).  I don't think it's that he doesn't like doing it, it's just that he doesn't like doing it at our new-to-this-year scheduled time:  right after snack.  The boys have to read 20-minutes, too, each nite - but I don't make them do that until 7:30.  See, I'm not too horrible.  Miles was just accepted in to the "Gifted" program at his school.  I'm really happy about it.  Miles doesn't know what it's all about, but I think he'll like it.  It's only a few hours once a week, but I think it will be good.  I've always wondered how Miles would "test" for such a thing, because he is really and truly a brilliant boy (I don't think I'm saying that just because I am his mom . . .), but that doesn't always show itself on pen and paper.  He's a very intelligent critical thinker and extremely inquisitive and creative - not things that generally are tested.  He's involved with Cub Scouts and has to deal with me as his Cub Master.  :)  I like it and think it likes it - for the most part (not the part when I have to make him sit out for a few minutes during kickball . . .).

Overall, things are good.  I am disappointed in a few things at the kids' school, though.  Not their teachers, the kids like them and so that is a great start for me.  But I've only seen the principal like once or twice in all my comings and goings.  Maybe I was spoiled by our last principal - but she was out in the mornings greeting the kids as they came to school (and, perhaps, monitoring the parents and the whole car drop-off fiascoes), and out in the afternoons talking with parents or just being a presence.  I have heard great things about our new principal, but have had no experience with him personally to verify it.  We have not had a PAC (PTA) meeting yet - I would think a new principal would want to do that?  To meet parents?  To get things going?  Etc., etc.?  Yes?  Also, (Sorry about all my complaints!  Again, overall, I'm happy with school!)  my boys filled their reading log-sheets all summer long.  Thanks to my encouraging, of  course.  It was kind of a pain.  But it served two purposes:  1.  for the community library's summer reading program and 2.  for the schools' summer reading program.  The kids were shown at an end-of-year assembly some of the prizes for the summer reading program.  For every so many hours read, or sheets turned in, or something, raffle tickets would be awarded and then drawn for prizes at an assembly in the beginning of the year.  The kids have been in school something like 5 weeks and nothing has been said, mentioned, etc.  I don't think that's too cool.

Okay, now I'm getting wordy.  Those things I mentioned don't really matter so much as long as my kids are happy and learning.  Which I think they are.


erinmalia said...

hooray! love your kids. now for an update on ben and emily. :)

Montrose Lewises said...

I know I have a blood sugar issue, which I'm seeing in Adaiah when I pick her up. That girl needs something in her gut stat! A banana, a granola bar, something. Changes our entire attitudes... Maybe Emmy has this fun? It makes a world of difference, emotionally. Just need food.
Anyway, good luck helping her balance :D And love them all!

Niederfam said...

The updates are GREAT.

courtney said...

love the update. jonas reminds me of my sam - i think they'd be good buds.