Sunday, September 22, 2013

Camp Scaredy-Cats - Our Last Summer Adventure of 2013

Well we decided to go on one last summer adventure.  We went to the same spot we went last year - though last year's name was Camp Barf because Miles threw up in the night.  Luckily, that didn't happen this time!  

 We didn't get off until a little later than ideal, so it got dark pretty quickly - by 8pm it was already dark.  But by then the kids had already played and played and we had eaten our yummy dinner.  We got the fire going strong and the kids roasted their marshmallows.

 Lucy made quite the mess.  Luckily, she didn't really like being sticky and messy and so she was done eating marshmallows.  Perfect!

 Miles was pretty excited about his marshmallows!

 Lucy and Ben just being cute.

 I'm not sure what Miles was doing here - I think he was pretending to be Big Foot or something.  He's wearing the bags that the camping chairs go in.  Cool.

The kids - especially the boys! - started to get really scared by this point!  I think I helped quite a bit when I told Miles to be quiet (the boy NEVER stops making noises!) because he was going to attract the animals!  Oh boy did that make them nervous.  They were hiding under their chairs and just being seriously ridiculous.  Sort of comical.  Sort of pathetic.  :)

 Our last trip to the bathroom before heading in to the tent for bed.  The kids were "sticking together like glue" because of their scared-ness.  They don't look it, but they were freaked!

 Oh having some fun in the tent getting our jammies on.

Falling asleep went like a dandy - oh except when we had to stick Miles outside the tent, alone, for a little time-out, i.e., time to chill and calm down.  Ha, that did not help him calm down!  He was sooooo scared.  I felt badly, but the kid has got to learn to listen and obey and control himself.  Finally, after listening to him yelling, then finally scream, "I hear something!  I really do!", we brought him back in.  He was quiet after that . . .

 Good morning, rise and shine!  It was a cool morning, but not super-freezing like last year.  This tree, which was not fallen last year, provided lots of fun for our kids.  They loved it and played and played on it.

 Even Emmy.  She was a "mine-shaft fairy," a "honey-sap fairy," and so on.

 Eating some warm oatmeal by the fire.

 Our cozy camp.

 So Jonas.  That kid.

We hung out in the morning, the kids played, we tried to find a geocache (but, darn it, I hadn't had time to set up our "new" GPS unit, so it was quite difficult and unsuccessful in finding the cache, but it was still a good little outing), then we packed up and drove a couple of miles to a trailhead to hike.  Ben had gone on this hike with the Young Men's High Adventure last year and has wanted to take us there to this one spot.  The hike started was a loud BANG!  From hunters - we passed them as we were heading up and they were heading down.  We were glad they were all done shooting and leaving the area.

 A fun and bouncy log - yeehaw.

 It was a beautiful hike!  We have done so many hikes in the pine trees that the aspens were a lovely change and I just loved it.  So pretty.

 A little bit of fall creeping in . . .

Well the kids - more specifically Jonas and Emmy - were pathetic!  Oh man.  I captured some of their moanings and wailings and gnashing of teeth on video, but I do love them and so I'll just keep that video for ourselves (and maybe some future blackmailing . . .).  I think I have figured something out:  my kids do much better on big hikes if they haven't camped out the night before.  Ben wasn't sure how long it would take us to reach the awesome vista point, but he was guessing, at first, maybe an hour.  But after  1 1/2 hours after hiking (mind you, it was pretty steep) we knew we needed to call it quits.  Jonas and Emmy were totally crying and couldn't "hike any more!"  Which they did, though . . .  We think, with kids, it probably would have been more like a 2 1/2 - 3 hour hike.  Which our kids have done, but apparently weren't in the mood for it this day.

 So we called this awesome rock our final destination.  We had a long lunch break and headed back.  The kids did great on the way down.  Jonas and I were together and he just booked it down!  He was super fast and just talked and talked all about the things (cars, planes, ice skates, houses) he was going to make for our Elf, Eljin.  Funny boy.  Ben and Miles' conversations included such things as "does a paleontologist need to know math", discussion and answers of "yes they do" (by Ben) and the why (by Miles), geology, and the such.  It was a fun time going down.

That's where we hiked.  Pretty amazing, huh?  It's really neat up there.

Anyways, I think it was the perfect ending to our summer and great beginning to our fall.


erinmalia said...

super cool place. i also love that you told miles the complete opposite truth (i.e., that his noise will attract the animals rather than keep them away!). and glad that it worked.

emily said...

well, actually ben had just told me a story of this guy (co-worker) who was out in alaska. he saw a wolf. so the man used his moose-horn thing to see what the wolf would do. well the wolf, as soon as he heard the moose call, started coming towards the man! so that story was fresh in my mind and so i wasn't totally lying. :) maybe miles sounded like a moose or a bear and a lonely moose or bear would want to come over and say hi. :)

also, we told emmy, on our hike, as she was crying so loudly that an animal would think she's hurt and they like to eat hurt creatures. we're awesome like that.

Rachelle said...

Hi Emily! I just chuckled through this post, as Miles sounded soooo familiar to Joshua. I'm hoping it's the age!

Way to be such a faithful blogger - I love seeing the fun things you're all up to!

courtney said...

haha - animals like to eat hurt creatures? i'm going to keep that one in my back pocket!

love hiking in the aspens. looks like a fun end to the summer!