Thursday, September 05, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Well this is going to be short and quick, but 1.  I hardly got any pictures at all!  and 2.  I leave soon on a plane to Alaska!  With Lucy!  Aaaack!

Anyways, we got an early start to our weekend and were able to head out Thursday evening.  We arrived around 11pm and had a pretty uneventful drive.  We listened to stories on tape and all was pretty pleasant.

First up on Friday morning:  swimming of course!  We had the pool all to ourselves and so that was fun.  Next we went to the Sheep Dog Competition at Soldier Hollow - right in Midway.  It wasn't everything we were hoping for (slightly unorganized, scheduled "performances" or "exhibits" that were totally unprofessional and kind of lame - the "raptor show" was horrible!, it was hot, etc.), but it was still an experience and it was something kind of fun to do.  :)  The splash dogs were pretty fun to watch:

After we ate our lunch, we were all ready to head out.  We decided to drive down to Provo to the BYU bookstore and get some hats for Jonas and Ben.  We did that and got hats, some pom-poms for the girls, and a shirt for Miles.  It was slightly chaotic as it was back-to-school weekend or something, but it was still fun to be on campus.

We drove back, went swimming again, had dinner.  My parents were pretty much busy with Swiss Day stuff (volunteering at booths), but made it home in the early evening.  The boys stayed up with us and we watched Night at the Museum.  Totally fun.

Saturday morning I did my 10K Swiss Days race.  It was awesome as I set a PR!  Wahoo.  I ran it in 54 minutes, which came out to be an 8:41 minute/mile.  Definitely faster than I normally run.  I felt really great.  I finished 35th overall and 10th in my female-age division.  So cool.  The rest of the family went to the Swiss Days breakfast.  Lots of food is what I heard!

 Some of the gang. . .


And Lucy just being . . . cute.

After my race (my family missed me running in!), we walked around the Swiss Days booths.  It was kind of hard with our kiddos - the girls couldn't care less about anything, Jonas just wanted to go back to one booth that was selling swords, and Miles wanted to look at it ALL.  There was a bouncy-house place that the kids had fun at, plus a climbing wall:

Ben and I even tried - it was fun!  A little hard and I didn't like the height!  But it was fun.  I'm not showing Ben's picture because it is mainly of his bum.  (My mom took  it - Mom!  :)

We then went and watched the parade - it was fun, with lots of candy for the kids, but it was also like an hour + long.  After buying a sword for Jonas, a finger puppet for Miles, and 2 tiaras for the girls, we left Swiss Days and headed home.  We then went swimming and had a good time.  We tried watching the BYU game and were able to watch some of it, but due to weather-problems and then not having air-time left, we didn't watch much.  Oh well, they lost!

We finished up the day with dinner and then the boys got to watch the second "Night of the Museum" with us.

Sunday was church.  We had a good dinner all together - finally.  :)  I even made waffle-cones - so fun.

Monday morning was swimming again - our last time.  Grandma and Grandpa came and watched.  We had fun!  Then we came home, Ben and I packed up while Grandma and Grandpa took the kids for a ride on the Polaris.  Then we drove home.

Good times, for sure!


courtney said...

sounds like a great weekend - especially the PR! good work on that. :)

we were at the BYU/UVA game. i was so grateful for the lightning because the humidity was UNBEARABLE and I couldn't wait to leave. wish granted! ;)

Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I love Swiss Days- maybe one day I'll be able to go again!

Congrats on your race- 10th is AWESOME! Have fun in Alaska, I hope Lucy was great on the plane!

Niederfam said...

Oh man.......I was planning to go to Swiss day, but a sick kiddo changed that plan. ;( Would have been fun to possibly run into you guys!!!

AND......I so wanted to see the sheep dog thing, I hear it's so cool.....every year there is some reason it doesn't work....glad you managed it.

AND.......YAY Derek's wedding........Can't wait to hear/see more on that. ENJOY!!!!

erinmalia said...

so great on the run. good job you!

Nicole said...

Wow, you did awesome! Congrats on a pr and an amazing time!! That is fast running for sure :) and so sad they didn't see you finish the race :(

Sounds like fun times!