Monday, September 16, 2013

Projects I've Done

Sometime this week hopefully I'll do a school update, but not today!  I'm going to showcase what I've done.  Not because anything is super great, but just because I actually did a couple of projects!  Wow.  All were Pinterest-inspired.  Even though this first month of school has been ULTRA-busy (yes, even with just Lucy at home!), I finally managed to eek out some things.  Mostly at night, though, since my days are crazy (but I think I see a slowing-down in my near future.  Seriously.)

Okay, here we go:
 I have so wanted a little collection box for my boys, specifically Miles.  He is a hoarder collector.  But he just stashed it all on his windowsill and it looked super junky.  So I had seen lots of ideas on Pinterest.  But 1.  I couldn't make it.  and 2.  I felt bad asking Ben to make something.  So I decided I wanted to find a crate and use that.  So I did.  I love how it turned out.  I think it's awesome on his wall.  We found one for Jonas, too - his is not so full.  :)

 I actually had a baby shower to go to last week (and one this week) and so I decided to whip up something - in addition to the diapers that were requested.  I love dyeing onesies - so fun!  I dyed the above onesies (plus 4 more) and then cut out and ironed-on the appliques.  Fun!

 I also made this little taggie/crinkly thing.  I sewed a cereal bag in the middle of this one for its crinkly sound.  I had made one way back when for Lucy and she adored hers.

 Okay, so this is kind of hard to gauge its size, etc.  But I had seen these DIY canvas prints and have wanted to try it for a while.  I love, love, love this picture of the girls and so I decided to try it.  I printed up the picture from my computer on to tissue paper (it was taped to regular paper for easier feeding into the printer).  Then I mod-podged the 8x10 canvas, placed my tissue paper over it, smoothed out as best I could the bubbles, then applied Mod-Podge on top.  It's cute, I think.

 I made a bunch of little things for Lucy.  For her "homeschooling."  :)  This is an abacus.  I have Lucy draw a color card and then a number card.  Then she has to move over that many beads of that color.  At least that is how we'll use it for now.

 Matching!  I have seen this on Pinterest for a while now and my best-friend Csilla had done it as well.  So you just match up the clothespin with the right paint sample.  Simple, simple.  There are a couple of tricky ones (but not quite like Csilla - she was super tricky with hers  :), but Lucy - after questioning her if they were truly a match - realized it wasn't the right one.  This is also great for her fine-motor skills.  She really liked opening the clothespins with their matches and dumping the samples into the bag.

I finally made some popsicle-stick puzzles, too.  I went to the dollar store and found a calendar - a big wall one, but it came with a little one, too.  It's perfect!  I made 5 different kitty puzzles.  Each one is color coded - so Lucy can help find all the purple ones, or whatever ones we are doing.  She doesn't know her numbers at all, but when the puzzle is all together we count and so one day she will be familiar with the numbers.

Aw, cute, as Lucy would say.


erinmalia said...

good job, you! the cubby is perfect for miles. i love seeing all his little treasures. i'll have to bookmark this post for next year when ollie is lucy's current age.

Angie Hawkes said...

Hey those look great! I love the puzzle idea and the color matching.

Nicole said...

Impressive! Look at all these things! Really, you have been busy. Nicely done!

courtney said...

wow! that would be about 2 years worth of projects for me. very nice work on all of it! (i think the onesies are especially cute!)

Meg said...

Someday............I will be like you....................

Montrose Lewises said...

I LOVED the onesies you did! The colors AND the appliques are so great! And I love the detail on your robot crinkle taggie blankie! Awesome!