Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Pumpkin Patch!

I was a bit bummed and jealous after reading of my sister's fun adventures to a pumpkin patch close to their home.  The east-coast does such a great job with pumpkin patches - not only are pumpkins for sale, but there are so many other fun activities going on!  (I remember a really fun one we went to in New York).

So when a friend of mine mentioned that her family was going to a "fun" pumpkin patch in Grand Junction the next day (Saturday), I was all for it.  Until it got a little complicated:  Ben had church responsibilities from 10-12, Emmy had a birthday party to go to at 12, I had grocery shopping to do, the missionaries were coming for dinner, etc.  Bummer!  But by Saturday morning, when I had told the kids that we'd be leaving in a little bit to a local " pumpkin chuckin' " event, Emmy was all moans and cries and whines and complaints.  So then I just thought there was no reason sticking around for Emmy and so I called my friend and told her we'd be coming with them.  Emmy was going to have to sit with Ben in his 2-hour meetings (auxiliary training for the women, but as Bishop, he was invited to attend the RS training) - which Ben agreed to because he's good like that.

Anyways, it was a really fun day and the kids had a lot of fun.  I love the pumpkin patch and we've decided to make it a new tradition - the Saturday before Halloween we'll all go up there and spend the day.  Emmy did great for Ben at his meetings and had a wonderful time at the birthday party, too.  Ben got most of the dinner ready, the missionaries came for dinner, and then I headed out grocery shopping.  It all worked out and I was happy to get out and do something fun with friends (mine and the kids')!

 Lucy's first time on a pony.

 I'm pretty sure this was Jonas' first time as well.

 There was a HUGE haystack there - this was the backside, just for jumping in to a pool of corn seeds.  Another side had a rope-ladder and rock-wall to climb on.  Another side had some slides.  The front was a really big slide that everyone loved going down.  I couldn't get any pictures because 1.  the boys were just all over and I had to stick with Lucy and 2.  Lucy would never go down by herself.  :)

 This was a huge hit, too!  They have these 2 big orange tarp-like things that are over a pit in the ground and are blown up by air.  Think bouncy house, without the house and waaaaaay bigger.  The pictures don't do it justice.  They were awesome.

 Oh, another big hit - the "shooting range," or whatever you call it.  The boys loved this place, of course!  I think it was paint-ball guns and they shot little plastic balls.

 There were hay-bales and stacks all over for hiding out.  Miles liked finding little holes in the stacks and shooting out of them.  So cool - if you're a boy.  :)

 Of course there was some type of tractor ride.  Jonas called it the "cow train."  Here is Lucy going with Audrey.  She's older and sweet and cute and a girl - so she's practically perfect.

 Then it was Miles' and a couple of the other kids' turns.  Miles didn't want to ride alone and so Lucy went along again.  :)

 A little fuzzy, but cute:  Jonas and his friend Pete.

 Back on the orange thing - there is Pete, Kara (Miles' friend), Miles, and Lucy.

 Lucy in action.

 The little "kids' maze."  Lucy would just climb over the hay bale to get out.  :)

Group shot of the kids:  Miles, Audrey, Lucy, Jonas, Pete, Kara, and Tommy.  It is Tommy's birthday on Tuesday and so we got a discounted "party group" rate.  Awesome.  Miles was soooooooooo bummed (understatement) because we never did the real corn maze.  I felt so bad for him.  It's "all [he] wanted to do!"  The kids had mentioned it once, but then got involved in the other activities and so I didn't bring it up again.  For two reasons:  1.  It would have taken probably 1-2 hours and 2.  Lucy would not have liked doing that for 1-2 hours.  So I told Miles next time, when Ben can come along and we can split up, then we can do it.  He was still mad about it.  Poor kid.  But, really, I know he loved everything else.  Life's a bummer sometimes.


erinmalia said...

this place looks awesome! very similar to our experience.

Nicole said...

How fun! The tarp idea is awesome. Never seen it! Love all the pics. Totally cute!

Niederfam said...

That is an IMPRESSIVE pumpkin patch. Looks like SOOOO much fun. Glad you were able to go.

courtney said...

way better than any pumpkin patches around here! the orange thing looks VERY cool. i know 2 kids who would have loved to spend the day at a place like that!