Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Geocaching the poor man's way . . .

We almost were able to upgrade our geocaching experience from a "poor man's" experience to a "poor man with rich relatives" experience this past weekend.  But, alas!  It was not to happen.  You see, we have done a few geocaching expeditions - mostly around town, but a few have been on some hiking adventures.  But we've never had an actual GPS - you know, the little piece of equipment that geocaching is all about?  Oh well.  I wouldn't say we had been successful doing it the "poor man's" way, but we did find ONE this way.

Anyways, I think I had posted about our experience on facebook and my new sister-in law Renee mentioned that she thought she had an old GPS lying around and, if so, she would give it to me.  So, while in Alaska, I picked it up and brought it home.  At first I couldn't get it to work.  But then I switched around a battery, and voila!  Yay!  But this past Monday morning Ben set about to get it all set-up.  He entered in our info and then was ready to go out and have the GPS pick up satellites.  But it never did.  I finally called the company and was told it was too old of a unit and isn't compatible with the newer satellites.  Or something like that.  Bummer!  But we had already planned to go to the Grand Mesa in search of a geocache, so went we did.  (The kids were randomly off on Monday, as well as Ben.  Peeerfect!)

We had found the geocache we wanted to look for.   You can get a lot of information just from the online map and such.  So we knew the general area.  There was also this clue, "When you see the brass, don't trust the arrows!"  Or something like that.  Okay.  So we set off on the hike - a great 0.5 mile loop.  There was snow up there and so the kids were super excited about that.  We got to the top and didn't see any obvious brass arrows.  But there were some signs listing all the lakes you could see from our vista point.  The sign was brass-colored and there were arrows pointing on the sign to each lake.  Okay, so we guessed which way the geocache would be.  Guessed of course since we didn't have a GPS . . . Ben and I mainly were looking while the kids were busy playing in and eating the snow.

So Ben and I looked and looked.  I was bummed we hadn't found it.  But I kept looking.  And it totally paid off.  :)  I found the geocache in a pretty awesome hiding spot and Ben just couldn't even believe I had found it.  But I did!  Wahoo.  We called the kids over, told them I had found it, and had them start searching where we were.  Jonas "found" it.  (I was a little perturbed a while later when I heard Emmy congratulating Jonas on finding it.  She was giving him all the credit!  Man, why do we mothers so often get the shaft!?  :)  There weren't too many fabulous treasures inside, but we did sign the log and I think each child took some junk treasure for themselves.  We left some cool para-cord bracelets and a cute owl necklace.  Fun!

 Jonas "finding" it.  :)

 Oh so exciting to open it!

 Checking out the cache . . .

 A cute bunch.

We ended the trip by hiking back to this lake - this is an annual fall tradition we do on the Mesa.  One of these years we may actually find out the name to this lake.
Good times!


erinmalia said...

so fun. i think you should just name it. put up a sign. it'll be your legacy. :) we do that to stuff around us all the time. turtle bridge, donut park, rocky beach...

Angie Hawkes said...

way fun! we like to do this on occasion too. every time we walk to church and pass a particular light post, our girls whisper (loudly) "secret treasure!"

courtney said...

you totally found it! i'm giving you all the credit. :) that sounds so fun! i'm sure my sam would love geocaching.