Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, 2013!

(I may or may not have needed my sister to remind me why I was making all my kids' costumes again . . .)

 Miles, aka Oompa Loompa.

 Jonas, aka Jack Sparrow.

 Jack Sparrow and his weapon.

 Emmy, aka Mermaid.

 Lucy, aka Mermaid.

 Such beautiful mermaids!

 Ben, aka "Elder Maxwell."  As in a missionary.  A time when he had hair (can you see his nice "do"?) and sported a suit with a backpack.  He even wore his mission "bike clip" - something you put on your pant leg to keep it from getting caught up in your bike spokes.  I think he looked great!

 Me, aka Candy Corn.

 Our crew!

So fun!

(P.S.  These pictures were taken on Tuesday, right before our ward's Halloween Party.  Which the kids had a blast at.  I'm glad they get to wear their costumes for me than one day!)


erinmalia said...

c'mon. don't you look at these pictures and realize why you made them? HELLO! they look perfect. miles is simply amazing. i want to do it for rhett. maybe you should just mail it to me. ha.

and ben?! that's great. where did you find the hair?

courtney said...

haha! ben's "hair" is fantastic. seriously great costumes! i've made parts of my kids costumes before, and it felt like A LOT of work. this year I took the lazy way out. :)

Nicole said...

Awesome costumes!! Love them all. Impressive that you made all of them! I am thinking about making ours next year. We'll see what happens!