Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It finally came . . .

Our new Jungle Jumparoo finally made it to our home - a mere three or so months after ordering it!  I showed some brilliance at not ever mentioning this buy to our kids - until today when I told them:  "If you see a FedEx truck coming to our house, you should be excited!"  That alone got them excited.

So way back when in the summertime I had seen a blog showcasing this thing called the Jungle Jumparoo.  I thought it was cool and was a good alternative (not necessarily a comparable alternative, but a good one) to a trampoline.  But the price-tag was $600.  Sorry, but that's a joke.  Then the price went down to $299 because the business is just starting to market these and needed 1,000 orders to get it going.  Still, I wasn't going to pay that.  Well about a couple days after I had seen it online, my mom sends me an email about this - I guess she had seen a little blurb about it on some afternoon news show or something.  She told me she'd pay half.  Deal!

It took forever to mail since the business had to manufacture them all (overseas, blech) and then send it through customs.  As a brand-new product, going through customs took a bit long.  Anyways, it finally arrived today - wahoo!

The kids love it and are all super excited about it.

Oh, and we will inflate inflate the tube a little more.  It was the first time and so we took it easy.  But it can go more.  :)

The first go around.  I'm sure things will get wilder and crazier!  P.S.  It's so not warm - even though Lucy is in a swimsuit.  I'm not sure if it hit 50 today.  She's crazy.


erinmalia said...

when did you have another kid? did i miss something? :)

emily said...

one of my kids' favorite friend and neighbor, josh. :)

courtney said...

i've never seen anything like that before! looks like a lot of fun will be had by your kids/the neighborhood.