Friday, October 25, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conferences

We had to go to THREE conference last evening!  Awesome.  Since it was in the evening, Ben was home and so we all went - all six of us.  We started with Miles' teacher.  Then Jonas'.  Then Emmy's.  We had great reports, really, with each child.  Each child is in the top of their class - which I don't mean to brag, but it does make us happy.  Really happy, in fact.  After meeting with our kids' teachers and volunteering last Monday in each classroom, I'm also really happy to report that I feel that each child is in great hands.  I like their teachers and my kids do, too.  We couldn't ask for much more.

Miles is doing great - he is always "adding" to classroom instructions by his immense wealth of knowledge.  The teacher always gives him time to add what he wants at the end of instruction.  He's enjoying his Quest group and gets to present a little information on the "Stock Market crash of 1929" next Tuesday.  When he signed up to do that specific "This Day in History" presentation, he thought it was referring to some kind of actual crash.  :)

Jonas is a great student, too.  He's a fantastic reader and does very well in math.  When asked by his teacher what she could do to make class better, Jonas answered by saying they should make some bats and hang them on the ceiling.  Awesome.

Emmy is a very good student, too.  Her teacher only had good things to say about her.  Her teacher is going to be sending home a little bit of homework now (a reading book, sight words, etc.) and so that is exciting for Emmy.  The boys always do their itty-bitty homework each day after snack and she has felt left-out.  :)  We'll see how long the joy of homework lasts . . .

We ended the evening by going to the book fair.  The school/librarian promote this very, very well at their school!  I've been hearing about it for weeks and the kids have been telling me all about the books they want.  We let each child chose a book - with a monetary limit.  Jonas really struggled with the limit since every book he wanted was above it.  But I came through in the end by finding him a book that was cool and fit our budget.  I think it's something like, "The 100 most feared animal."  Miles choose "Myth busters."  Both boys were reading and sharing what they read on our walk home, as well as the rest of the evening.  Both girls choose some barbie books.  They are pretty (and pretty lame, too - ha).  Since their books were a little less expensive, they also got to buy a cell-phone (or smart phone or who knows what) ERASER.  They are mini, but the girls enjoyed walking home and talking of their phones.  It was hilarious to see them.  But was slightly distracting as we were trying to cross the street.  :)

Anyways, it was a good conference - mostly because our kids are super and so are their teachers!


erinmalia said...

yay for your good kids! we go to rhett's in two weeks.

oh, and poor miles and his "crash." what a bummer. ha.

Niederfam said...

Sorry about the crash for Miles......not nearly as exciting as an ACTUAL crash. Poor guy.

YAY for smart, HAPPY kiddos and parents!!!

courtney said...

so nice to have good teachers! i love that your girls got mini "smart phones" - - so funny!