Sunday, October 20, 2013

the Primary Program

Today was the lovely primary program in our sacrament meeting.  No matter what happens, it just can't go wrong, really.  Oh, except this total cutie Sunbeams girl - who usually sings so loud and adorable - started crying within the first 5 minutes and had to go back down and sit with her family.  Bummer.  :)  But she and her brother sang a sweet duet in the very beginning, so at least we got to enjoy that.

All in all, another cute, sweet program by the sweetest and cutest members of our ward.  As for my kids specifically . . . Emmy was super excited by her part and had absolutely no fear, just confidence, as she proudly exclaimed in to the mircrophone, "Heavenly Father's plan is a plan of happiness."  Perfection.  Miles wrote a 1-minute talk on agency.  He wrote out a talk, then we worked on it together to make it a little better, and that was that.  He did a pretty great job, too, and mumbled way less than I do.  Jonas did great, too.  He shared his line, "The prophets teach us to live the restored gospel.  In Amos, chapter 3, verse 7 we read . . . " and then he opened his scriptures and read.  Awesome.

I had invited our neighbors to come, too - Carol and her daughter Lily.  I probably mainly invited Lily since that is less intimidating to me, but still . . .  Carol ended up working and so we had Lily over in the late morning.  I had the kids watch the Prince of Egypt, then it was lunch, then off to church.  I'm not sure what Lily thought of it all, but she's pretty great and just sat there.  The kids ended up with lots of treats today in their classes and in primary, so that was a good bonus, I think.  Then after church we went out to a friends' house to drop off part of a meal - since she just had a baby.  Marnae used to be in our ward but then moved waaaaay south of town.  So sad.  But the cool thing is that Mrs. Woodland (Marnae) was Lily's teacher last year at school, so we brought Lily along and I think that was fun for everyone.

Anyways, another Sunday has come and gone.  They are not days of rest for me, though.  And I think God was cursing me today as I was "working."  Working on bread.  We remembered at 9pm on Saturday night (okay, Ben remembered) that he was asked to bring in the sacrament bread.  Instead of going out to buy some, he figured "we" (i.e., me) would make it tomorrow.  Which was fine and I totally agreed to.  But then when I was slicing it up - it looked a little doughy and just not perfect.  Ugh!  But apparently the Young Men all thought it was delicious and devoured up most of the extras afterwards.  :)  Also, the bread I made for Marnae didn't look too promising either!  Really!?  Seriously, I make breads all the time.  It was goofy.  But I made Marnae my awesomely famous mint-chocolate brownies, so I'm sure all will be forgiven if the bread wasn't great.

Anyways, this turned out way wordier than I had planned.  Ha!  Here is a picture of my Sunday bunch:
Love 'em!  (Oh and I even made those ties for my boys.  Without my sister's help!)


erinmalia said...

is it 80 degrees there, or does it just look like that?!

i'm always a little bummed when we don't have one yelling kid or one waving for the entire thing at parents. ours went off without a hitch, too. sad.

the ties look great!

emily said...

um, maybe 60 degrees? but felt nice and warm.

bummer about your program. :)

courtney said...

ours went off without a hitch, too! nice, but boring. luckily i get to travel around to different primary programs, and other wards have been more exciting. mint brownies sound good right now!