Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Sister Missionaries - and perhaps future Sister Missionaries

Sister Bennet, Sister Lucy, Sister Emmy, and Sister Betts.

Aren't they all just so beautiful!  :)


My kids have been showing up in the papers as of late:

 Lucy made it on the front page of our local paper, the Montrose Daily Press.  There was an article on this activity we attend each Friday at a Lutheran church called Mostly Music.  We've been going to it for years and it's wonderful - as is Miss Jessica, who leads it and is the Pastor's wife of the church.

Miles made it in the Telluride paper, The Watch.  This picture and caption is about the Earth Group/Energy Group that Miles is a part of.

Extra, extra, read all about it!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Northside Sport Stacking Championships

Our school, Northside, hosted another "Sport stacking" competition.  Other elementary schools were invited.  This was the 2nd time our school has done it and I think it's pretty neat.  "Sport stacking" is really cup-stacking.  There are all sorts of events to compete in:  the 3-3-3, the 3-6-3, the cycle, the rapid fire.  I'm not sure if that's it?  My kids all wanted to do it and so I said I would pay their entry fee but that they would have to practice every day for a week.  And they did.  But we now know that if they want to do their best, they should really practice for like a month-plus before the competition (although we only found out about it a couple of weeks ahead of time).  Anyways, you go to the school's gym and can practice.  Then you go up to the judge's table and do your event (each grade has it's own events).  You get three tries and your best time is what is turned in.  It wasn't any of my kids' best cup-stacking days (especially for Miles), but they tried and did well.


 Emmy getting timed on the 3-3-3.

 Jonas doing the 3-3-3, too.

 Miles doing the cycle, I think.

 Lucy had fun practicing, too.  They all like the mini-stacks, even though they are much harder!  But they are so cute.  :)
And here are my kids - each a winner.  Miles won 1st in his grade in the "rapid fire."  He didn't place in the regular events - 3-6-3 or cycle.  It wasn't his best day at cup stacking.  I'm not sure what his deal was, but he just kept knocking cups over.  He's very intense with it, though, and can do really great.  I think a little more practice and he would have done better.  But he still did well.  His prize was for a free bowling game.  He was kind of bummed to have not placed in his other events.  I'm just glad he won the rapid fire at least!

Jonas won 3rd place in 3-3-3, I think.  He was very happy and so was I!  And cute little Emmy won 3rd - I'm not sure if it was in 3-3-3 or rapid fire.  I think rapid-fire.  She's not very fast, but she is definitely adorable while doing it (I don't think there were many entrants in the kindergarten category :).  Jonas and Emmy each won a set of mini-cups.

Anyways, I was happy for my kids in at least trying!

Some more of the Northside winners!  First place winners got a neat backpack and maybe some cups, too.  Second place winners got regular-sized cups.  (Miles didn't want to get in the picture.  Not because he was super-upset, but maybe because he wasn't super-pleased with himself.)

Fun stuff!  Oh, and here are some videos:

Monday, November 25, 2013


Well, after 4 1/2 years of walking to school, Miles actually got to walk home by himself - all the way.  It was a big deal.  For us, at least.  So we live only 2 blocks from our school.  Yes, it's super close.  But, the cross-walks are super pedestrian UN-friendly.  The street closest to us is a busy street - 30 MPH limit, yet I would say the average speed is 40.  It isn't a "school-zone" and don't ask me why because it totally should be.  There are school-zones farther away than this intersection; it makes no sense.  I will stand for several minutes sometimes before cars finally will stop for us to cross.  It's just not super-safe.  There is another street to cross right at the school.  It's just about as crazy - though not a big street, there is tons of dropping-off traffic and cars all over.  But, especially, right at the cross-walk, there are cars parked that make it so that we have to walk out about 1/3 of the ways in order to see the other side's traffic - and for them to see us.  Again, it's just not super-safe.  Oh, and there is only a crossing-guard at the one street by school in the afternoons only.

Anyways (I think I get wordier in my old age) I like getting out, walking, seeing and visiting with parents, seeing my kids' friends, etc.  Miles will often invite a friend over and so it's good to have me there.  Also, my kids don't tell me, "Let us walk home by ourselves!" very much, if at all.

Except for last Thursday.  Miles had an "Earth Group" meeting after school and so would be coming home about an hour later.  I told him I'd meet him at the busy-street corner (like I meet the kids every Wednesday).  He then said, "Can I walk home by myself!?"  "Nooooo" I said.  But then I rethought and told Miles that he could.  He then struggled the whole walk to school on what to do - "Just tell me, I hate making decisions!"  (Sounds way more like me than him.)  Nope, I told him, this is up to you.  And he decided to walk home alone.  Good for him.  :)  Of course, around the time I thought he'd be coming back, I grabbed the camera and started looking out my bedroom window.  And there he was!  Walking home!  Alone!  And he didn't die!  (But he could have, I'm sure of it.  :)

 Okay, he made one street-crossing, now on to the next . . .

Ohhhhh, it was a tricky one.  One side of traffic had stopped for him to cross.  But not the other.  So then he had to wait on the other side.  But he did.  So he survived.  I did, too.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Can't Think of Any Great Title

Well we went to Littleton last weekend for a couple of reasons.  Ben had purchased a saw from Craigslist that his father had picked up - it was located about an hour north of Ben's parents' home.  So it was time for Ben to get it.  Also, Ben wanted to go to Play It Again Sports in Littleton to purchase some ice-skating equipement for our kids.  So those made for some great excuses to take off and get out - and, especially, see Grandma and Grandpa!  Plus a bonus:  Aunt Debbie, who was in town from dropping off her daughter at Provo.  We hardly ever get to see Debbie, so it was truly an extra treat for all of us.

Ben was able to get off super early on Friday (like 11am - he already had his 40 hours by then anyways!), and so we headed out after lunch - thus getting in to Littleton at a good time.  That evening, after the girls went to bed (including Grandma Diana :), we played some Apples to Apples.  It was a lot of fun having the boys play with us - they are just cute and funny.

On Saturday morning, after I went running in my chacos since I had forgotten my running shoes!, Ben and I went to the temple.  Jim was there "working" and so Grandma Diana watched the kiddos for a couple of hours solo, and then the beloved Leanne came over and helped.  My kids all love Leann.  In fact, as we were talking about going to Grandma and Grandpa's, Emmy asked, "Is our friend that we like going to be there?"  Cute.

After lunch our family went to Play It Again.  Ben found some great things for the kids.

That evening we went to Casa Bonita.  We had mentioned it to the kids earlier.  Then I tried getting out of it - especially once I saw the prices.  I know you're not paying for the food, but the whole experience.  But still.  I tried to convince them of Cafe Rio (!) with frozen yogurt (!) afterwards, but they weren't takers.  So we went.  And as soon as we drove up in the parking lot, it was already fun.  The kids were so happy and excited to be there.  It was contagious.  :)  Ben loved his velveeta cheese enchiladas (think cheese nachos you buy at the movies or something).  I bought one of the (the?) most expensive things on the menu:  fajitas.  Because it's the only thing I'd eat.  Awesome.  The kids all got American food.  Even awesomer.  Anyways, it was a fun evening:

 We're here . . .!

 Our kids' cute grandparents.  We couldn't all sit together - bummer.  But we had pretty good "seats" for the shows and divers, etc.

 A handsome dad with his beautiful daughter.

 Our family.

 The monkey.  Remember last time we came?  Yes, this was the "Monkey all gone?" that had frightened Lucy so.

 She wasn't super scared, but did prefer the sitting-in-mom's-lap position.  I did too.

 Miles loves this, Black Bart's Hideout.  It's like a spooky cave.  Emmy apparently is still not brave enough to go through this without tears . . . maybe next time?

Then came Sunday.  Ben was actually around us!  I think he was probably bored a lot!  We had church, came home, watched Annie, ate dinner, and some other things.
 Like wearing the new hockey helmets.  Emmy figured out how to eat through this.  Ha.

 The kids love their sweet and beautiful Aunt Debbie.  It was super fantastic to have her around.  She's great.  Oh, and apparently my kids love her phone, too.  :)  Oh, and my girls loved her make-up!  Aunt Debbie even put a little on them - how special.  :)

 Lucy got to help Aunt Debbie make some yummy jello.  She even gave Lucy the best part:  licking!

On Monday morning (after another run in my chacos!) I dropped the kids and Ben off by the bike jumps for some exploring.  Grandpa Max and Aunt Debbie met up with them a little while later.  I took the car to Big O to fix some tire balancing problem we were having.  It took forever.  I drove home.  The family was still gone and so I walked on the path until I met up with Ben, Debbie, and the boys.  The girls rode home with Grandpa Max.  They had a great time exploring:

 Looks cool to me!

 So cute.

 This is Miles' favorite part - the shale rock.

 Handsome Jonas.

 I thought this picture was kind of funny - a picture of Ben and Debbie taking pictures.  :)

I stole this picture from Debbie's phone.  I'm glad they all got to go and run around and have fun!

Then we headed back home.  Emmy was devastated by leaving and let everyone know with her tears and forlorn face.  But she cheered up after a few minutes and sure enjoyed wearing Great-Grandma Dee's hat:

What a fun time with wonderful people!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Love My Kindergartner!

One of her latest works:

"My Bear is Cute!"

I love it.  She is just too KEY-UTE!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday night camp-outs

Our boys like to camp-out on Friday nights sometimes . . . here they are tonite:

My Hair . . . on fire!

(this is just taken from my facebook post)

So while I was bringing a pot of water to boil I leaned back slightly towards the stove to warm myself up a bit. All of a sudden I felt a little too warm. I looked over my shoulder and saw flames. I screamed out, tore my shirt off, and then was told by Ben that is was my hair that was on fire. It was the most exciting thing to happen to me all week (maybe even all year). The worse part of this? The smell. The best part? That I'll get to visit with Jennifer Dixon sometime as she gives my hair a nice trim.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

2013-14 School Pictures

 Miles James Maxwell.  4th grade.  Mrs. Freismuth.

Jonas Ford Maxwell.  2nd grade.  Mrs. Cretti.

Emmy Ryan Maxwell.  Kindergarten.  Mrs. Arrechea.

Friday, November 01, 2013

More Halloween . . .

Well I hugely lucked out on Halloween morning as Ben didn't have to go in to work until 9 am! 9 am!  It was amazing.  And a huge help since all three kids were to be dressed and ready in their Halloween costumes for the start of school.  It was fun all walking to school:

Cool.  :)  And, yes, that is snow you see in background.  Just a little bit.

Lucy and I stayed at school and hung out for a bit while Ben went back home to get things ready for him to head out to work.  He came back to school in time for the 8:30 parade:

 I like this picture.  The girl in front (Gisselle) is totally saying something like, "Oh, she (meaning Lucy) is soooo cute!"  The girl right in front of Miles (the pirate) is Miles best-friend, at least best-classroom-friend.  Her name is Mycheal.  (I'm not totally sure of the spelling.)  The boy behind Miles is Malachi.  He lives close to us and has been able to come over and play a few times.  He's a sweet kid.

 Miles, carrying his book that inspired his costume (the kids were supposed to dress up as book characters):  Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator.  I zoomed in on Malachi's book and saw it was "Indian in the Cupboard."  Awesome, I do think he has some Indian in him.  :)

 This picture is super great.  Emmy's teacher Mrs. Arrachea (R-uh-CHAY-uh) expects her class to walk with their arms folded and with a "bubble in their mouths."  I assume to keep them from talking.  And look how good her class is!  Good job Mermaid Emmy.  :)

Why hello wild-hair Jack Sparrow.

After the parade it was to Lucy's gymastics, then the store (which was super busy!), then home to get veggie snacks ready for the boys' classrooms, lunch for Lucy, drive to school to deliver snacks, back home, Lucy to nap, then computer-time.  There is still a huge mess waiting for me in the kitchen. . . blech.

I did a lot of Halloween-inspired foods this week:
 For our regular Monday-night pizza night, I made Frankenpizza!

 Lucy and I worked on these mummy juice boxes.  Lucy got in trouble, though, and had to sit in time out and then was banned from helping me - because she, very knowingly, poked straws in two of the boxes.  That girl.  :)  I put these in the kids' lunch boxes (a huge treat since I have never sent them juice, nor is it something we hardly ever have at home), plus we took the rest for Lucy's gymnastics class.

 I also made Frankenwraps for the kids' lunch - plus one for Ben and myself.  Lunch was a total surprise for the kids.  I made them up all the night before - which was a big help for Halloween morning.

Here is one of the veggie skeletons I made for the boys' classroom parties.  (I got all ideas from Pinterest.)

Halloween evening was fun - but it was girls versus boys.  Okay, we weren't against each other, we just weren't with each other.  Emmy was invited to a friend's Halloween party and so I took her, along with Lucy, and we enjoyed that.  There was dinner (mummy dogs - just like I had made for our boys!), orange and black chips, orange and black fruit kabobs (blackberries and cantaloupe - yummy!), and more.  There were games, even door-to-door (bedroom doors and bathroom doors . . .) trick or treating.  :)  The boys went out trick-or-treating here in our neighborhood.  Another family from the ward, who had a "Willy Wonka," joined them.  They had fun, too.

All in all a great Halloween.