Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Can't Think of Any Great Title

Well we went to Littleton last weekend for a couple of reasons.  Ben had purchased a saw from Craigslist that his father had picked up - it was located about an hour north of Ben's parents' home.  So it was time for Ben to get it.  Also, Ben wanted to go to Play It Again Sports in Littleton to purchase some ice-skating equipement for our kids.  So those made for some great excuses to take off and get out - and, especially, see Grandma and Grandpa!  Plus a bonus:  Aunt Debbie, who was in town from dropping off her daughter at Provo.  We hardly ever get to see Debbie, so it was truly an extra treat for all of us.

Ben was able to get off super early on Friday (like 11am - he already had his 40 hours by then anyways!), and so we headed out after lunch - thus getting in to Littleton at a good time.  That evening, after the girls went to bed (including Grandma Diana :), we played some Apples to Apples.  It was a lot of fun having the boys play with us - they are just cute and funny.

On Saturday morning, after I went running in my chacos since I had forgotten my running shoes!, Ben and I went to the temple.  Jim was there "working" and so Grandma Diana watched the kiddos for a couple of hours solo, and then the beloved Leanne came over and helped.  My kids all love Leann.  In fact, as we were talking about going to Grandma and Grandpa's, Emmy asked, "Is our friend that we like going to be there?"  Cute.

After lunch our family went to Play It Again.  Ben found some great things for the kids.

That evening we went to Casa Bonita.  We had mentioned it to the kids earlier.  Then I tried getting out of it - especially once I saw the prices.  I know you're not paying for the food, but the whole experience.  But still.  I tried to convince them of Cafe Rio (!) with frozen yogurt (!) afterwards, but they weren't takers.  So we went.  And as soon as we drove up in the parking lot, it was already fun.  The kids were so happy and excited to be there.  It was contagious.  :)  Ben loved his velveeta cheese enchiladas (think cheese nachos you buy at the movies or something).  I bought one of the (the?) most expensive things on the menu:  fajitas.  Because it's the only thing I'd eat.  Awesome.  The kids all got American food.  Even awesomer.  Anyways, it was a fun evening:

 We're here . . .!

 Our kids' cute grandparents.  We couldn't all sit together - bummer.  But we had pretty good "seats" for the shows and divers, etc.

 A handsome dad with his beautiful daughter.

 Our family.

 The monkey.  Remember last time we came?  Yes, this was the "Monkey all gone?" that had frightened Lucy so.

 She wasn't super scared, but did prefer the sitting-in-mom's-lap position.  I did too.

 Miles loves this, Black Bart's Hideout.  It's like a spooky cave.  Emmy apparently is still not brave enough to go through this without tears . . . maybe next time?

Then came Sunday.  Ben was actually around us!  I think he was probably bored a lot!  We had church, came home, watched Annie, ate dinner, and some other things.
 Like wearing the new hockey helmets.  Emmy figured out how to eat through this.  Ha.

 The kids love their sweet and beautiful Aunt Debbie.  It was super fantastic to have her around.  She's great.  Oh, and apparently my kids love her phone, too.  :)  Oh, and my girls loved her make-up!  Aunt Debbie even put a little on them - how special.  :)

 Lucy got to help Aunt Debbie make some yummy jello.  She even gave Lucy the best part:  licking!

On Monday morning (after another run in my chacos!) I dropped the kids and Ben off by the bike jumps for some exploring.  Grandpa Max and Aunt Debbie met up with them a little while later.  I took the car to Big O to fix some tire balancing problem we were having.  It took forever.  I drove home.  The family was still gone and so I walked on the path until I met up with Ben, Debbie, and the boys.  The girls rode home with Grandpa Max.  They had a great time exploring:

 Looks cool to me!

 So cute.

 This is Miles' favorite part - the shale rock.

 Handsome Jonas.

 I thought this picture was kind of funny - a picture of Ben and Debbie taking pictures.  :)

I stole this picture from Debbie's phone.  I'm glad they all got to go and run around and have fun!

Then we headed back home.  Emmy was devastated by leaving and let everyone know with her tears and forlorn face.  But she cheered up after a few minutes and sure enjoyed wearing Great-Grandma Dee's hat:

What a fun time with wonderful people!


erinmalia said...

so how far did you go in your chacos? that sounds really painful to me.

i love the comment about ben being bored on sunday. ha.

Niederfam said...

Looks like a success to me!!!! Good times.