Friday, November 01, 2013

More Halloween . . .

Well I hugely lucked out on Halloween morning as Ben didn't have to go in to work until 9 am! 9 am!  It was amazing.  And a huge help since all three kids were to be dressed and ready in their Halloween costumes for the start of school.  It was fun all walking to school:

Cool.  :)  And, yes, that is snow you see in background.  Just a little bit.

Lucy and I stayed at school and hung out for a bit while Ben went back home to get things ready for him to head out to work.  He came back to school in time for the 8:30 parade:

 I like this picture.  The girl in front (Gisselle) is totally saying something like, "Oh, she (meaning Lucy) is soooo cute!"  The girl right in front of Miles (the pirate) is Miles best-friend, at least best-classroom-friend.  Her name is Mycheal.  (I'm not totally sure of the spelling.)  The boy behind Miles is Malachi.  He lives close to us and has been able to come over and play a few times.  He's a sweet kid.

 Miles, carrying his book that inspired his costume (the kids were supposed to dress up as book characters):  Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator.  I zoomed in on Malachi's book and saw it was "Indian in the Cupboard."  Awesome, I do think he has some Indian in him.  :)

 This picture is super great.  Emmy's teacher Mrs. Arrachea (R-uh-CHAY-uh) expects her class to walk with their arms folded and with a "bubble in their mouths."  I assume to keep them from talking.  And look how good her class is!  Good job Mermaid Emmy.  :)

Why hello wild-hair Jack Sparrow.

After the parade it was to Lucy's gymastics, then the store (which was super busy!), then home to get veggie snacks ready for the boys' classrooms, lunch for Lucy, drive to school to deliver snacks, back home, Lucy to nap, then computer-time.  There is still a huge mess waiting for me in the kitchen. . . blech.

I did a lot of Halloween-inspired foods this week:
 For our regular Monday-night pizza night, I made Frankenpizza!

 Lucy and I worked on these mummy juice boxes.  Lucy got in trouble, though, and had to sit in time out and then was banned from helping me - because she, very knowingly, poked straws in two of the boxes.  That girl.  :)  I put these in the kids' lunch boxes (a huge treat since I have never sent them juice, nor is it something we hardly ever have at home), plus we took the rest for Lucy's gymnastics class.

 I also made Frankenwraps for the kids' lunch - plus one for Ben and myself.  Lunch was a total surprise for the kids.  I made them up all the night before - which was a big help for Halloween morning.

Here is one of the veggie skeletons I made for the boys' classroom parties.  (I got all ideas from Pinterest.)

Halloween evening was fun - but it was girls versus boys.  Okay, we weren't against each other, we just weren't with each other.  Emmy was invited to a friend's Halloween party and so I took her, along with Lucy, and we enjoyed that.  There was dinner (mummy dogs - just like I had made for our boys!), orange and black chips, orange and black fruit kabobs (blackberries and cantaloupe - yummy!), and more.  There were games, even door-to-door (bedroom doors and bathroom doors . . .) trick or treating.  :)  The boys went out trick-or-treating here in our neighborhood.  Another family from the ward, who had a "Willy Wonka," joined them.  They had fun, too.

All in all a great Halloween.


erinmalia said...

what did your kids think of their lunches? seriously so cool. and i can't believe you can bring that skeleton to your party. our stuff has to be store-bought and wrapped.

Rachelle said...

I love the juice boxes, especially since I balk when David refers to me as "mummy!" You are one fun mummy, Emily!

courtney said...

that is one busy day! the kids costumes are great. i could go for a mummy dog right now...

Niederfam said...

LOVE the food ideas....VERY creative. Umm...also VERY happy to see that somewhere in America kids can still have a Halloween parade at school. Good times.

Nicole said...

so so fun. loved all the parades. molly wasn't even allowed to wear her costume to school. what is the world coming too? no fun anymore!!