Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Northside Sport Stacking Championships

Our school, Northside, hosted another "Sport stacking" competition.  Other elementary schools were invited.  This was the 2nd time our school has done it and I think it's pretty neat.  "Sport stacking" is really cup-stacking.  There are all sorts of events to compete in:  the 3-3-3, the 3-6-3, the cycle, the rapid fire.  I'm not sure if that's it?  My kids all wanted to do it and so I said I would pay their entry fee but that they would have to practice every day for a week.  And they did.  But we now know that if they want to do their best, they should really practice for like a month-plus before the competition (although we only found out about it a couple of weeks ahead of time).  Anyways, you go to the school's gym and can practice.  Then you go up to the judge's table and do your event (each grade has it's own events).  You get three tries and your best time is what is turned in.  It wasn't any of my kids' best cup-stacking days (especially for Miles), but they tried and did well.


 Emmy getting timed on the 3-3-3.

 Jonas doing the 3-3-3, too.

 Miles doing the cycle, I think.

 Lucy had fun practicing, too.  They all like the mini-stacks, even though they are much harder!  But they are so cute.  :)
And here are my kids - each a winner.  Miles won 1st in his grade in the "rapid fire."  He didn't place in the regular events - 3-6-3 or cycle.  It wasn't his best day at cup stacking.  I'm not sure what his deal was, but he just kept knocking cups over.  He's very intense with it, though, and can do really great.  I think a little more practice and he would have done better.  But he still did well.  His prize was for a free bowling game.  He was kind of bummed to have not placed in his other events.  I'm just glad he won the rapid fire at least!

Jonas won 3rd place in 3-3-3, I think.  He was very happy and so was I!  And cute little Emmy won 3rd - I'm not sure if it was in 3-3-3 or rapid fire.  I think rapid-fire.  She's not very fast, but she is definitely adorable while doing it (I don't think there were many entrants in the kindergarten category :).  Jonas and Emmy each won a set of mini-cups.

Anyways, I was happy for my kids in at least trying!

Some more of the Northside winners!  First place winners got a neat backpack and maybe some cups, too.  Second place winners got regular-sized cups.  (Miles didn't want to get in the picture.  Not because he was super-upset, but maybe because he wasn't super-pleased with himself.)

Fun stuff!  Oh, and here are some videos:


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