Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ben's birthday, aka: The Day We Decorate Gingerbread Houses

 Unfortunately there were no good birthday wishes granted at Ben's work on his birthday:  he came home about 2 hours later than a usual Friday.  Bummer!  But come home he finally did.  He called to tell me he was headed home and so about 10 minutes later me and all the kids went out to watch him ride up with his balloons and bike.  :)  Well it was more like 30 minutes later that he came home . . . . and he wasn't riding his bike!  :(  Many people at work told him how dumb he'd be if he rode home, in the dark, with no lights (his bike has lights but it is currently out-of-commission, so he's borrowing my bike . . .), on wet and slushy roads.  He gave in and so, um, his arrival wasn't quite what we had waited for.  But he was home and that was good!

 After dinner (his choice:  beef casserole), he opened up a few gifts (mostly handmade ones by the kids at school).  I actually made this shirt for him (like, "Got milk?" get it?).  Well, I didn't make the shirt - I bought the shirt and painted on the wording and hockey stick. (My sister actually printed me up the stencil for it and mailed it to me.  Is she great or what!?) I think it looks great on him!

 His "cake" request was shoefly pie.  I think most everyone enjoyed it - I know he did and that's what counts on his birthday.  :)

Then it was on to gingerbread decorating!  So much fun.  The kids are all getting older and more independent.  It's awesome.
 Miles and his lovely house.  He is really into decorating the "yard" of his houses, more than the house itself.  I've noticed this trend for the past couple of years.  He built a ladder on the side and even made a worker (who was fixing the roof) for it.  Awesome.

 Jonas was so excited about his house and felt it was his best house ever!  He did a great job on his roof - Necco-style.  :)  He even added an ice-rink - his idea.  Love it.

 Emmy just had fun and went to town on her house and did whatever she wanted.  I think it turned out cute and whimsical.  :)  Kind of like her.

 Lucy, Lucy.  Oh boy did she love this activity!  She was so happy and giggly and just had tons of fun.  It was adorable to watch her and hear her.  So cute.  Ben would help upon request, but she did a lot of it on her own.  So cute.

 And, because Lucy is our favorite, here is a close-up of her house.  So great!

 There's my cabin-in-the-forest gingerbread house.  In honor of my Alaskan family.  :)

 Ben's adorable house.  I love the cheeriness of it.  Ben was quite displeased with it (that man is hard on himself, even when it comes to gingerbread houses!), but in the end I think he was at peace with it.  :)  And maybe even liked it?!  I love it.

There they are!  I love, love, love them.  I love looking at them.  I love this tradition.  


erinmalia said...

i love this post. the shirt looks great. i had totally forgotten i cut that stencil. ha.

and of course lucy is the favorite...she's the youngest. just sayin'.

go alaska!

i can't wait until we do ours...in about three years when we have more autonomy in the kids. we'll still have fun this year, although i'm pretty sure we'll lose a lot of candy down ollie's throat.

Nicole said...

Ok so adorable sitting on the mantel! Love the houses. So fun.

courtney said...

a seriously great tradition! the cabin is my favorite. :) happy (super belated) birthday to ben!