Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day!

And Merry Christmas!  The kids were told not to come in to our room until 6:30am.  At promptly 6:30 the kids turned on our lights and told us to wake up!  (Miles later told us that they left a little early so they would arrive at our room at exactly 6:30 and not a minute later.  You know, it's a long walk down the hallway from the kids' room to our room . . .).  But they are nice and obedient (at times, of course) and let us sleep until 6:30.  And, lo and behold, Santa had come:
 Lucy's loot from Santa.  Her big gift from Santa was a magnetic doll and dollhouse set (like paper dolls, just wooden and magnetic).

 Emmy's loot, including a porcelain doll and tea set.

 Miles' gift from Santa: a magic set.  It's a wooden set and very cool.

 Jonas' big gift: a skateboard.

 He loves it!

 She loves her doll!

 Lucy loved it all!

 Placing some new slipper on Lucy's feet.

 Our cute Christmas morning bunch.

 Playing with Santa's gifts.  Santa even gave the girls their pretty headbands.  So lovely.

 Ben tried on one of his ties that I got him.  A tie - so typical, right?  But it's what he wanted!

 More playing with Santa's toys.

 Miles reading his magic set instructions.

 Jonas skating around the house.

 Santa gave the kids a bag of rocks - very cool rocks.  Santa also had a sheet detailing what rocks were what.  Jonas is classifying his bag of rocks.

 Miles putting on a magic show for us.  :)

We spent a while just playing around with Santa's gifts.  Then we ate our breakfast and played a bit more.  Then it was time to open up the wrapped gifts from family:

So fun!

Grandma Dixie and Granpa G. gave some neat "puzzle boxes" to the boys.  They are almost like treasure boxes as they are quite tricky to open.  Jonas got a bear and Miles a moose.  They are really neat!

 Jonas opened his gift from us . . . and totally loved it!  He saw what it was (a remote-control helicopter) and then ran over and gave Ben a hug and then myself.  What a great kid!  He had no idea he was getting this and was super excited about it!

 The girls got a purse-bag full of "stuff."  Like a mirror, lip gloss, notepad, and . . . make-up!  Just for pretend of course.  At first I was going to make some fake make-up (buy real make-up, dump it out, pour nail-polish in and let them pretend . . .), but we just decided the girls would love the real stuff and have fun.  It was definitely an exciting (the most exciting) part of their day - putting on make-up.  :)

 Checking herself out.  "You can't see anything!"  So layered it on they did, as you will see in a bit . . .  :)

 Miles' Grandma Dixie came through with a much requested (from Santa) record player.  Before Miles has started begging Santa for one, Grandma Dixie (not even knowing Miles really wanted one) had found one on KSL.com, bought it, bought a better pin for it, and had brought it over - to give to Miles for his birthday.  But then she collaborated with Santa and decided that she would give it to him for Christmas.  He was and is a very, very happy record-playing boy.  It's awesome.  :)

After the gifts were opened everyone just played and Jonas started to play with his helicopter.  He was quite nervous at first and it was thus pretty exciting when he had "lift-off" for the first time!
 Um, how great is this picture!?

 I just had to zoom in on the excited spectators - I mean, how perfect are their faces!?  (You still love me, right; Ben?!).  I just laughed and laughed so hard when I saw this photo.  :)

 More practicing.  So Miles got a helicopter, too.  But we didn't have batteries for him until Jonas figured out to take some out of one of his toys.  Then Miles finally got to play with his, too.  They have gotten better and better.  They get to fly them for about 7-8 minutes and then it has to be recharged for 45 minutes.  This is quite typical for these little helicopters.  We looked around thinking we could spend a little more money for more play time, but even some really expensive ones were not much more time.  And guess what?  The kids are totally okay with it and don't complain.  So cool.

During some "charge-time" the boys enjoyed the homemade wooden and marble tic-tac-toe set made by Uncle Joe.  (I just have to say I love the sweet package we always get from Uncle Joe and Aunt Brittany and family.  Such sweet items!  It always makes me smile.)

 Looking quite made-up Emmy!  So cute, in a kid-put-on-make-up kind of way.  :)

And Lucy!  Her make-up is just about all gone . . . :)  She loved it, to say the least.

Sadly, those are the end of my pictures (well sad for me, maybe not for you :).  The rest of the afternoon was spent with the kids playing, Ben and I getting dinner ready, me going on a run, Ben going on a jog, and then the Sister Missionaries coming over (Sister Quist and Betts).  When they came over I still had yet to shower - oh well!  One sister skyped her family before dinner.  Then we ate - we each had our own cornish hen, my 7-layer Christmas jello (that I don't even like, but Ben does and I love how it looks!), mashed potatoes, clam dip, and rolls.  All was good.  After dinner another sister skyped her family.  Lucy, who was exhausted and asked to go to bed, was in bed by 6:30.  :)  We (the rest of the family and the 2 sisters) then went out on the ice and played some hockey.  The sisters weren't sure if they would be allowed to wear skates or not and so we just opted not to - well the kids got skates on but the adults didn't.  (Truthfully, it's probably more dangerous without skates!).  Anyways, we played for probably about an hour, came in for a drink break, then I put Emmy down to bed - per her request.  I then went back out and met up with the rest of the group on the ice and we played for another hour or so.  It was really fun and the sisters totally got in to it.  They were pretty good, too.  It was a fun evening!

Here's one video of Jonas flying his helicopter:

And that's a Christmas Wrap.  Harhar.


erinmalia said...

awesome. i wonder though, did ben's ties fit?! :) did i tell you how i found 8 "used" ties on craigslist for only $16 for my missionary nephew? pretty sweet.

back to you---looks like a good day for all!

Nicole said...

So happy! I love the tie dyed shirts and all the fun gifts. Lucky kids!! Glad they were obedient to the 6:30 am rule :)

courtney said...

what a great day! the layered make-up is classic. love me some emmy and lucy!! so funny.