Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve Day and actual Christmas Eve

We invited our good friends, the Herrens, over for some fun on the ice and cookie decorating on Christmas Eve morning.  The Herrens have 4 kids and are good friends to our kids.  We all played on the ice and then some kids started trickling back in.  Ben, Miles, Kara (one of Miles' best-friends) and Audrey (the Herrens oldest child) stayed out for quite a bit and even played a bit of hockey.  Ben said they had a lot of fun and that Audrey really got in to it.  They were able to find skates in our little "skate shop" in the basement and so that was extra fun for everyone.

After everyone came in and had some hot-chocolate, we decorated some sugar cookies.  It was really fun and the kids really got in to it - especially dumping tons of sprinkles on their cookies.  Aiyiyi!

 Here's the whole gang pretty much, minus our husbands (Ben was photographing and Laura's husband was at work):  I'll start with me (then going clockwise), Miles, Audrey, Emmy, Laura, Pete, Lucy, Jonas, and Kara.  Oh I guess were missing little Tommy (3), too.  Fun group!

 Here's just one picture of the decorating.  Fun stuff.

The rest of the day was just spent cleaning up and cooking dinner (Ben made Swedish meatballs - very delicious!), and whatever the kids were up to.  Emmy and I ran over to our neighbor's house really quick for a little "open house" party.  Jack, the son, is in kindergarten and really wanted Emmy to come.  So we went - but just for about 10 minutes!  We had to get back and eat dinner and then head out to a Christmas service.
Laura Herren was telling me about her church's program and how Audrey and Kara had solo parts in the choir.  Kara skated over and invited us to come.  So, after talking with Ben, we decided to complicate our night and attend their church's program.  I'm really glad we did, if just to support their family.  There was a children's choir and I enjoyed their singing - I especially loved the solo parts of Audrey and Kara.  Very sweet.  The choir was part of a little "play" that they did as well.  We felt badly, but after the play/singing part was done (it had been an hour), we left - right as a sermon or something was about to happen.

We got home, cleaned the kitchen, ate our rice pudding with a lucky almond in one of the bowls (the almond was found in Miles' bowl, which meant he got to make a wish), and then opened up our tie-dye shirts.  I didn't buy PJs this year (ran out of time and money!) and couldn't make anything (ran out of time and money!) and so I was able to get free t-shrits from my Old Navy points and then I bought red and green tie-dye.  On Monday's FHE we dyed our shirt and then on Tuesday I washed them.  The kids unrolled their shirts on Christmas Eve and were surprised to see what their shirts looked like.  I love how they turned out:

 Cute kids in Christmas tie-dye shirts!

And, because she is our favorite, another one of just Lucy.

The night went well - the kids went down really well (all were in their beds by 8:30, which is pretty good for 4 kiddos!  I'm not sure when they all fell asleep, but we didn't hear a peep from any of them!) and Ben and I watched a really old movie called Holiday Inn.  It was fun to watch.  Then we got the gifts all out and got Christmas ready . . . then finally Ben and I got to bed.  :)

Good night to all!


erinmalia said...

nope. youngest DOES equal favorite. just sayin' again. hahaha.

courtney said...

busy day! the tie-dye is pretty fabulous. great idea!