Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Santas

(Funny, this post isn't even on my "posts to-do" list, but I figured I could whip this one out pretty quickly - the others will take a little more time.  And I am determined to go to bed before 11:15 . . . it's been a long while . . . and those 5:15 wake-up alarms aren't so pleasant . . .)

Anyways, here are the boys' Dear Santa letters:

 Here is what Miles' letter says:
Dear Santa,
I want a record player for Christmas please, with records to put in the record player.  If you can get a record player and records please put the records in a box and fold up and lock the record player and put the box on the record player.

The record player shut
The records box
The record player opn
The records
from Miles Maxwell
PS.  please get one that looks like grandma dixie's one with out a radio.

Interesting request.  A quite bossy request, too.  :)  The first-child syndrome is shining bright in that letter!

Jonas' letter:
Dear Santa,
I really want a girl bird.  Just like Miles so they can get married and have babies.
from Jonas

Cute, cute.


erinmalia said...

hahaha. jonas's letter kills me! also, that curlicue writing of his is very nice.

Niederfam said...

agreed, jonas's letter looks like it was printed in a SPECIAL font…….i love the demands/requests. ;)

courtney said...

jonas' letter is so funny! the curly font is pretty amazing. i love that miles wants a record player!