Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dearest Birthday Boy Jonas,

Well a very Happy Birthday to you Jo!  You've been so excited and anxious for this day - I hope it lives up to your expectations.  Your 8th birthday is big for 2 reasons:  1.  You get baptized (luck has it that you actually get to be baptized on your actual birthday!) and 2.  You get a birthday party!  Out of those two events, we know (well hopefully you know) what is the most important of the two.  But, of course I know what you are most excited about it.  :)  I'm excited for all of it.

When I think of a "second-grader," I usually think of a little kid.  But when I think of you, I don't picture you as that little kid.  In many ways you just seem older and a little more mature (oh, except for that whine that has yet to leave you . . .).  Maybe because you play with Miles and some other older kids, but I just think you are a pretty cool 8-year old.

You've had a great past year - finishing up 1st grade, starting 2nd grade . . .  You continue to get smarter and smarter.  You remain a top-student in your class.  Most school nights you do your 20 minutes of reading to me.  You are an excellent reader - even more so for a 2nd-grader.  You are currently reading to me the 2nd Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  It will take us a while to get through it all, but this is a book that you actually get excited about to read - alas, despite your reading skills, you don't quite love reading like your big brother.

Speaking of Harry Potter . . . we listened to the first book on CD on a trip to Littleton.  You loved it.  Then just last week you got to watch the movie for your first time.  You loved it.  Now you're having a Harry Potter party tonight - hopefully you'll love that, too!  We've got some fun activities so it should be great.

It's funny, because as I write these letters to you kids each birthday, I realize something:  you kids don't change a whole lot.  Yes, you are one year older, but, yes, you still are you.  Some things just don't change that much (including the fact that I never have enough time to actually write you a decent letter . . . dang these busy December weeks!).

You still whine.  Don't worry, we have video proof to show your future girlfriends.

You're still a great friend and very easy to get a long with.  You always want to play with someone - well, not always Emmy.  Although when you finally concede and play with her, you have a great time!  There is a lot less crying involved when you play with Emmy as opposed to Miles . . . Just sayin'.

You continue to be the fastest eater in town - watch out Grandma Dixie!  But, alas, usually your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  You'll grab seconds, only to take a few bites and then declare, "I'm fuuuulllll."  You food-waster, you.  You hate pretty much every soup I make.  Too bad and so sad for you that soup is my favorite food at the moment . . .

You still are very aware of social pressure - of what's cool and what's not.  It's kind of nice having a kid that is socially aware (as, ahem, opposed to maybe your older brother . . .), but it also frightens me.  I hope you'll develop of strong testimony of right and wrong.  I hope you'll chose now what decisions you'll make when faced with social pressures.

You have always had this slight "edginess" I'll call it, yet you are also sensitive and sweet.  You tend to like things such as skateboarding and motorcycles, etc.  Yet, heavily tattooed and foul-talking boys scare you.  I'm glad.  Don't you dare become one of those.  :)

You are our quickest-to-respond child - oh that makes for happy parents!  You are usually always the first one to do your chores.  Now, I won't say you are necessarily the best at chores, but you usually do a pretty good job.  Although I'm pretty sure that getting your chores done first is solely motivated by the fact that once your Saturday morning chores are done, you can play computer games for 20 minutes.  But, whatever.  You still respond quicker than most!

Your interests change frequently.  You like this, then that, now on to another thing.  It's funny because you get all in to things, then you're over it by the next week.  In fact, some of the toys or things we got you for your birthday might already be out-dated interests!  Oh well.

Well that's just a bunch of rambling.  Basically, just know you are loved by your mom and dad.  And have a awesome birthday!

I love you,