Thursday, December 19, 2013

Emmy in The Polar Express

Well Emmy was in her first dance performance, called The Polar Express.  She's been going to dance class every Friday since September.  The last week she had two rehearsals (one which she had to miss) and then two performances.  We (meaning our family, plus all of Emmy's grandparents) were able to go and watch her first performance on Friday night.  It was just the greatest to see Emmy out there dancing on the stage.  Her group was totally not-together, but I didn't care because all I was watching was Emmy and it was just delightful to see her on stage.

Emmy loved the rehearsals and performances.  I tried to talk her into staying with us during the first half of the show (since her numbers were only in the second half), but she just wanted to hang out in the huge dressing room with all the other little dancers.  She was just giddy with excitement and truly loved it.

Since Saturday was super crazy, I couldn't make it to her matinee show.  Luckily we had extra people here and so my mom took Emmy and was even able to sneak in (free-of-charge :) and watch.  I'm glad Emmy had someone there.

All in all it was a very special experience for our family, and especially Emmy. I'm so glad that her grandparents were all able to come, too.  It just added to it!

Here are some random pictures:
 Emmy and a school classmate/dance-mate, Ava.

 Emmy, after the show, getting a flower from her dad.

 Emmy with part of her fan-club.  :)

 Before her Saturday performance I finally figured out how to make her hair look good.  :)  Although of course it doesn't matter - she's a beauty no matter what!

Silly sometimes, too, but always beautiful.

What a fun experience The Polar Express was - especially for a sweet 6-year old girl.


Niederfam said...

Cute Cute!!!!

erinmalia said...

i want to see video of her dancing.

courtney said...

so sweet! a lucky girl to have such a loyal fan club!