Friday, December 13, 2013

Is It Tomorrow?

Lucy asks me that question a lot, "Is it tomorrow?"  So cute.

Anyways, here are a few pics from my yesterday.  Besides the hours spent on errands and working on a Harry Potter party, here are a few other tasty tidbits that happened:

The sisters serving in our ward wanted to come over and serve me.  That's a hard thing!  I didn't want to give them any gross like, "Go clean my bathroom."  Luckily, I came up with something more fun:  make Jonas' classroom birthday treats.  They gladly did that and had fun, too, I think.

 What fun, wonderful gals.

 They also had to try out the ice rink for a little bit.  One of them, ahem, might have fallen down on her bum.  Awesome.

That evening I got to take Emmy to her first dress rehearsal.  And oh boy was she ever so excited!  She was giddy and joyous and everything cute and sweet.
 There was some make-up there and so I applied some stuff.  She's such a beauty.

 Some glitter for her hair.

There she is with fellow dance and school classmate, Natalee.  They just hung out in this room until it was time for a group photo and then their practice.

She loved the whole evening.  She danced down the halls, to the bathroom, etc., etc.

Oh I can't wait for tonight!  Good luck Emmy!


erinmalia said...

what are those sisters making?

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