Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jonas' baptism

Jonas' 8th-birthday fell on the stake-baptism date and so Jonas was able to be baptized on his birthday.  We actually joke with him afterwards that he technically didn't turn 8 until about 5pm MST and so he was actually baptized when he was just 7.  :)

There were three other kids from the area being baptized - one (Braden) is in our ward and another girl (Rachel) was a kindergartner classmate of Jonas'.  So we knew some of the other children.

Jonas was excited about his baptism.  Afterwards I asked him about it and he just told me he felt really good being baptized.  That was about all I got out of him.  But, really, he was just beaming the whole time of the baptismal program.  He really and truly looked happy - because that's what happens when you choose the right, you're happy!  :)

His grandfathers were the witnesses, Ben performed the baptismal ordinance, and my dad did the confirmation of the Holy Ghost.  All went well and was special.  Emmy, who had grumped about going to the baptism because "they are so loooooong!"  was so excited when Jonas went in to the water and was baptized.  It was very sweet.

Jonas had gotten some Harry Potter glasses for his birthday and wanted to wear them to the church.  He was able to have some pictures with the glasses in them.  So cute, I thought.  :)

The kids all being baptized:  Braden, will have to get when I get the program out of the car but I don't have 
time now, Rachel, and Jonas.

Jonas Potter - see that smile!?  :)

Ben and Jonas all in white and ready for the baptism.

Jonas and his family - including his four grandparents.

Our family.

The happy parents and a happy boy - Harry Potter style.  :)

 Jonas loved his scripture bag (thanks Aunt-e!) and his new scriptures with his name on them.

A special day for a special boy for a very special occasion.


Niederfam said...

Looks like the perfect SPECIAL day….ala Harry Potter style…..I love it.

erinmalia said...

the glasses are awesome. so glad all the grandparents could be there!

courtney said...

love the glasses. what a special day!