Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jonas' Birthday and Party!

Are you ready for 41 pictures???  Because that is how many I've got.  Holy Moly.  Well, Jonas will only turn 8 once!

 Upon awaking he found the table with wrapped gifts - plus one that was unwrapped:  Harry Potter glasses.  He loved them and wore them on and off all day long!

 The first gift - the kids get to open one gift in the morning.  Jonas chose this one - and it turned out to be the scripture case Aunt-e made him.  Maybe not the most fun gift, but he was still excited about it!

 My parents had gotten him a book on the Holy Ghost and so Jonas, along with his new scriptures and case, started to look up the scripture references in his book.  It was awesome.

Then we headed over to his baptism, which I have already posted.  After that we came back home for his birthday lunch (since we'd just be getting pizza for his party, Jonas got to chose what to have for lunch:  spaghetti and meatballs).
The whole family that was there (minus Grandpa Max., the photographer).

After lunch Jonas got to open his presents:
He got a football, among many other gifts . . .

Love this picture.  Love this boy.

After presents and playing, it was cake time:
 It's supposed to be a Quidditch field.  It kind of looks like it, right?

 "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you . . ."

 Great face, Jonas!

We hung out for a bit, got Emmy ready for her dance performance, gathered stuff up for the party, etc., etc.  Jonas played around in his new uniform:
 He looks like a double-amputee ex-football player.  :)

My mom went with Emmy to her dance, while Ben and I went to the church to set up for the party.  Jim and Diana and my dad were at home, cleaning the kitchen and watching the other kids.  Ben left the church by about 4:15 to go home, get Jonas, and then go and pick up the other kids on the "Hogwarts Express" (which was really just our car of course, but I did have a few kids ask me what it was going to be . . .).

I finished setting up the gym and so now you will see a lot of boring pictures of my set-up:
 All set up.  It doeesn't look super great in picture, but I think it looked pretty good - especially for a church gym.  :)

 One table had Ollivanders wands - wands that I had made, with help from Ben.  We had twigs and sanded them.  Then stained them.  Then I "decorated" them with hot-glue, painted them, and then stained them again.  I really liked how they turned out!

 Bertie Bott's beans:  really just Jelly Beans.

 My charms table - for the Snow-making charms class.

 A better picture from Jim's camera.

 The sorting-hat seat.  I found the black hat at a second-hand store and hot-glued on his face.

 Our potions table for making "Ghost eggs."

 Some cute people waiting for the guests to arrive.

 On the Hogwarts Express each kid got a booklet - outlining the class schedule.  Plus, a chocolate frog - of course!  Miles got his later since he didn't ride the Express.  Yum.

 Once all the kids had arrived, we had the kids go to Ollivanders wand shop, where Ollivander picked out a wand for each child.

Next up was the sorting hat ceremony.  We had read different ideas of having the sorting hat talk - like using a baby monitor or even walkie-talkies.  Then, when we were setting up, Ben realized that we could just use the microphone and sound-system.  Brilliant!  We had Jim go behind the stage and as each child sat down, the "sorting hat" spoke and placed each child in a house - either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.
 Here are all the kids:  Kara, Lucy, Emmy, Sarah, Miles, Pete, Malachi, Josh, Ivan, and Jonas.

 The sorting hat really scared Lucy and she wouldn't go up and have it placed on her head (she was the first one up).  But she did agree to sit on Grandma Dixie's lap and have Grandma wear the hat for her.  :)

Jim did a really great job playing the part of "Sorting hat."  Especially for having no notice really of what he was going to do!  It was fun.

 Jonas was last up - here was a big smile when the sorting hat placed him in Gryffindor!  Cute.

Next up:  Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.  I had 10 test-tubes filled, in the same exact order for each one, with 10 jelly beans.  They had to eat one and then write down what they thought the flavor was.  It was fun.  Miles won with 7 correct answers and earned 5 points for Hufflepuff.

 Writing it down . . .
 Tasting . . . mmmm. . . . ????

Next was charms class.  There we used "snowflake seed powder" and said a charm and then turned the powder into snow.  It was really awesome.
Here I am helping everyone scoop up some "snowflake seed powder" in to their bowls.  The stuff is really insta-snow, something I bought from Amazon.

 Josh is performing part of the charm by pointing his wand to the sky and saying, "Flurrify!"

 It's really cool - the transformation of the powder into soft, fluffy, and yes, even cold, "snow."  Everyone was amazed - it was perfect.

Now it was time for our potions class.  We were going to be making "Ghost eggs."  We poured "Ghost blood" (bubble solution) into bowls and then had a bottle with water and dry ice and a funky tube-contraction that Ben had made.  (These are really called Boo Bubbles and you can find instructions and video here.)
 So cool, huh!?

 The bubbles fill up with the carbon dioxide from the dry ice - and make very cool bubbles, uh, I mean ghost eggs.
 So neat.


This is why we called them Ghost Eggs - when they "crack" open (pop), a ghost appears!  This was really fun - and also messy as some kids dumped over their bottles . . .

After this we had dinner at the Great Hall:
Pizza, veggies, and butterbeer!  Fun and yummy.

When dinner was done we watched some clips from Harry Potter (the first one).  It was about 25 minutes long.  Emmy was excited to see it since she's never watched any of it before!

Then it was on to our Defense Against the Dark Arts class.  Ben came up with this idea and I totally love it.  I had talked about getting a big giant black trash bag/pinata thing to bat at, but instead he came up with this:
 A box.  With 4 balloons on the bottom.  2 ladders.  Ropes.  One side goes up.  The other side goes down.  A "special training-wand" that had a thumb-tack on the end.

The kids got 4 chances at popping the balloons as the box flew by - we did four "fly byes."
 It was fun and most kids were able to get at least 3 balloons.  Each popped balloon was a point for their house.  Cool.

 Even little Lucy managed to pop balloons!  So fun.

 Then we did the "House Cup Award" and Hufflepuff won.  Which meant they got to be first at getting their cupcakes:
 After cupcakes, we were kind of done.  But the kids did want to try and play Quidditch.  We tried and the kids kind of had fun, but it was kind of confusing, so we stopped and ended the party by having Jonas open his presents.
He got some perfect toys for him and loves them.  The kids' parents came and got them and that was that!

We had an awesome clean-up crew (and I'm not talking about my kids . . .) and so that didn't take us too long to clean and get home.

It was a fun party and a fun celebration for our boy Jonas.  We must love him lots to do all this for him.  :)


erinmalia said...

holy moly. good thing you only do this every four years! except that you have four kids, so uh, that doesn't quite work out in your favor. ha. and sorry my boring gift was the one he opened in the morning! you should have pulled it out of the running. happy birthday jonas!

Nicole said...

Wow! Super impressive. I think you earned best mom of the year award for sure :) No doubt they all had a blast. So much work! Loved the cake and all the party activities.

courtney said...

oh. my. goodness! amazing. we do friend parties every 4(ish) years and never have they looked like that! good work. :)