Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Opening Day . . .

It was opening day for the Maxwell Ice Rink.  The kids were so excited to get out on the ice that they had to grab a little ice-time in the morning, before school.

We all got out on the ice after our FHE lesson.  It was cold, but great.  I mainly had to skate Lucy around which isn't the most fun, but isn't so horrible either since she is so cute!  There were moans and whines from all the kids - minus Lucy - when it was their time to come in.  But, hey, a school night is a school night . . .

I'm such a party-pooper.

 Early in the morning . . .

 See, Lucy is just too cute.

 Emmy, in hockey-helmet and all.

 The boys.

The family - so coooool.


erinmalia said...

it IS cool!

Niederfam said...

SOOOOOOOO cool!!! Really, I am SURE you are the ENVY of the whole TOWN. ;)