Sunday, December 01, 2013


 On Wednesday, after being home all day with the four kids, I told them we were going to go on a bike ride to feed the ducks.  I told Miles that the neighborhood turkeys might be out, too!  I was right.  Isn't he/she ugly?  Oh, and apparently I have passed on my totally-scared-of-birds gene to Emmy.  Holy Moly, she's got it bad!  At first she started screaming as the ducks came running up to us for food.  Then she pretty much went ballistic when the turkey came over.  I do not exaggerate with the word ballistic.  I finally had to take her away while the boys finished feeding the animals.

 I think they were pretty excited about it.  I think Jonas would have been scared if Miles wasn't around.  :)  But they liked the turkey and rode by the house where the turkeys live and saw a couple more - including the huge white one.  Emmy and I had to take a different route (oh, and Lucy, too) so as to not go by the ducks and turkey again.  :)

Then Thanksgiving Day!  I went on a great run in the foggy mist.  It was awesome.  Then I just spent the day getting ready, visiting a widow, trying to invite another widow over for dinner (she wasn't home), etc.  Ben and Randy Gerke spent their days (and the day to follow) working on this:
 The Ice Rink 2013.  Bigger and Better.  :)  It's looking good.

 Here is our table set-up.  Mostly made by Miles.

 He did a lot of origami.  I found an origami pilgrim hat online and he looked at it once and then had it down.  All the girls (and ladies) got the pilgrim hats for their place-setting.  Cute, cute.

 The baby turkey Miles made (he made a big one out of newspaper).

I made the Indian feathers for the boys' setting.  Miles made some other origami thing - a utensil holder.  The kids also got to draw and decorate our table.  Fun.

We had the Gerkes over - Randy and Kay.  They are wonderful and we had a really good time.  The kids even convinced them to stay and watch our traditional Thanksgiving Day movie, "Jack Frost."  (The really old one.)  Oh, we also had some yummy food.  :)

One thing I'm not thankful about though:  that I didn't get a single picture of people on Thanksgiving.  So lame.

It was a nice day and all was well.


erinmalia said...

haha. no people. miles did awesome on decorations, however.

Nicole said...

That is so awesome. Love the real turkey. Poor Emmy!

Can't wait to see the ice arena! Seriously impressive!!

Niederfam said...

So sorry about the bird-afraid gene…it's a REAL thing, we know a 38 year old MALE who is TERRIFIED of birds….literally terrified, which is sometimes entertaining but honestly I feel for him……;)

LOVE the origami…..so awesome and can't wait to see the "new and improved" ice rink!!! GOOD TIMES.