Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Winter UN-Sun 10K

I have a good friend that has somewhat recently gotten in to running.  She's always encouraging me to find us a race to do - and I finally came through.  :)  I decided on the Winter Sun 10K in Moab.  My friend Kandace was all on board and, via facebook, we got another three gals (well really four, but one had to cancel at the last moment) to do it with us (we decided to make it in to a girls' weekend - I'm so super glad we did!).

I know and adore Kandace, but I didn't know the other gals much.  One of them I knew a little bit, but not at all for the other two.  So it was fun to meet some new friends.

We headed out on Friday at 1pm and we arrived at our condo in Moab close to 4pm.  I was able to get us the same condo my family and parents stayed at when I ran the Thelma and Louise 1/2 back in June.  It's a super nice place and had a great rate - especially when divided by five.

I was shocked by how much snow there was in Moab.  Crazy!  I think we all were shocked how cold it was, too!  Brrrrrr.

We got our stuff in, started cooking up some homemade chicken noodle soup (Kandace's brilliant idea), chatted, etc.  We ate our most delicious soup and then headed out in the freezing cold for our race packets.  Once back "home" we played Mexican Train and chatted.  But we were all in bed by 10pm - we rock!  (We're also very tired mothers, too.  :)

The next morning we got to the bus a little after 9 and was at the starting point by 9:30.  That was a chilly 30 minutes of waiting around in 17-degree weather.  Brrrrrrr.  I was freezing!  I knew I'd be okay once we started running, but that thought didn't warm me up!

We finally got to run at 10am and ran in some cold temps and snow - it was awesome.  The first mile or two my face was super cold - but the rest of me was fine.  I finally was good after the first couple of miles and enjoyed my run.  All five of us ran it at our own paces.  We all had good times for ourselves, too!  I was super impressed by us.  :)  Two of the gals have little 3-4 month old babies at home and so this was a big accomplishment for them.

After we all finished, we went in to the school and grabbed some stuff,  I drank my favorite after-run drink:  chocolate milk, and we listened to some awards and such.  We were lucky enough to get a late check-out and so we were able to go back to our condo, shower up, pack up, and eat left-over and even-more-delicious-the-second-day chicken noodle soup.  It was the perfect food for a cold, post-race type of day!

Then we headed out and had slushy roads for the 2/3 of the drive, then dry roads for the rest.  I super enjoyed hanging out with these gals and sure hope we can make this a yearly tradition!

Here are some super out-of-order pictures.  I didn't bring along my camera, so all of these were taken by my friends' fancy phones.

 What our run looked like.  Beautiful, huh?!

 We all made it!  There's me, Kandace, Sarah, Jeni, and Mary.  We made shirts - on the back we had a monster and a name - I was "weird."  :)

 Sarah and me hanging out at the finish area.

 Getting ready to board the bus . . . it was cold out!

 Driving in Jeni's car to the race - we were excited!

 That night - we all tried on our race shirts.  Very cool.  The shirts and us.  Although I don't look so sure . . .

 A race picture - about 80% of the race photos my eyes were shut.  I wonder if my eyes were open more if I would run faster?!  That guy behind me (whom I followed for the first 5 - 5 1/2 miles) is Bishop Tobler.  A bishop of a ward in our area.  He's done this race for many, many, many years.

Me!  Finishing!  Time of 55:09.

Now that I've warmed up, I can't wait to do it again!  :)


erinmalia said...

so, did you beat all the other girls? because that's the important thing. ha. and what a good time. the snow looks only slightly treacherous.

i have a race for you. it's the st. michael's half and it's not that far from you. just a three- or four-days drive is all. do it!

Niederfam said...

YAY you!!! Brrrr…..

Kandy Sue said...

I still can't believe we did that super cold run!! (I am game for making it a yearly tradition and I am willing to cook again!) :) I loved this run and can't wait to see what we do next!! Your the bestest EVER!!