Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just because . . .

I think she's totally adorable:

She was having a fun time making jewelry!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miles the Artist

Miles' Great-Grandpa was named Miles.  Thus Ben's middle name and our son's first name.  Great-Grandpa Miles was an artist - by profession.  His artwork supported he, his wife (Great-Grandma Dee), and their four children.  We were given a book entitled, "The Art of Miles Erwin Foresman."  It's really impressive - the book itself, as well as Miles' artwork.

Anyways, I think Miles Jr. has inherited some of his Great-grandpa's artistic talent.  He is quite detailed with most of his artwork and really creative as well.  He just brought this picture home yesterday, something he had done in art.  Ben and I really love it.  Miles - he is bothered by the fact that the tree is skinny on the lower half and bigger up above.  :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rewind to Jonas' party invites

I know this isn't a big deal, but I still wanted to post the cute invites we did for Jonas' Harry Potter party:

Just in case you don't know, the owls are what deliver the mail in the books.  So we made some invites, made them look old, and tied them up to owl balloons.  Fun stuff.

Rewind to New Year's Eve, 2013

Traditionally we break down and eat our gingerbread houses on New Year's Day.  But since we'd be heading out in the early morning and driving to Utah, we decided to do this on New Year's Eve.  So we did:

We are good gingerbread house demolishers.

We finished up the evening with having everyone watch It's A Wonderful Life.  So super great.

I'm not sure if Ben and I made it to midnight.  Who cares, is how I feel.  But I'm old now.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Out of the Mouth of Lucy

As we were making bagels and Lucy was pouring in the honey, I asked:  "Where does honey come from?"  Lucy didn't quite reply and so I said, "What animals make honey?"

Lucy said, "Rats."

Later on in the day Lucy was asking for milk.  I told her "not right now."  She then said to me, "If you don't get me milk, I won't play with you!"  "Okay!" I replied.  (I was tired of playing dolls . . .)  She then told me that she was just teasing.  Darn it.  :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Yay for a Fun Day

So for the next couple of months Ben only has to work one Monday each month - so of course today, when the kids are out of school, was the day he had to work for this month.  :(  Bummer.  But I was determined to still get out and do something with the kids.  I was a little worried since Miles got sick and threw-up about 4-5 times on Saturday night . . .but he was doing better by Sunday.  So we went ahead with my plans to go to Telluride.  It turned out to be a fantastic day - we all had a great time.

We left by 8:30 and our first activity to do was go sledding.  We were at the hill and ready to go by about 10.  It was freezing cold in the parking lot, (I had forgotten my coat of all things!  But, miracle or miracle, I had thought to myself, "I should bring my sweatshirt just in case I need another layer."  And since I hadn't my coat, I definitely needed another layer!) but by the time we were at the sledding hill, it was sunny and so it felt great.  At the sledding hill area, this is what happened:

 Miles ate a lot of snow.  I guess he was dehydrated from his earlier illness or something . . . Just kidding, this is what he does on normal days, sick or not!

 Lucy made a snow angel.  Almost as cute as herself.

 And sledding, of course!  Lucy did some more bum-sledding - this time she accidentally went down backwards.  Awesome.

 Man does Jonas LOVE sledding!  It was the highlight of his day.  He just loves it so much.

 Jonas and Emmy like going down together.  But they "started too high" per Emmy's post-ride statement.  She is NOT happy in this picture - nor was she after she fell off.  But she got over it.  Miles, too, had a crash - that I missed when I was off taking Lucy to the bathroom.  He rolled on his face and got a few scratches on it.  Sledding is rough!

Our next stop:
 the bus-stop!  I had talked to my friend Csilla about us going to Telluride and she gave me some great tips (she lived there for many years).  Like taking the shuttle bus.  So after 1 1/2 hours or so of sledding, we headed on the bus.

 It was oh so exciting for the kids!

We took the to the gondola station.  Where we hopped on:
 I think this was Lucy's first (maybe 2nd?) time on a gondola.  This was Miles' favorite part of the day. It was neat and beautiful - we even got to see the skiers on the mountain.  Super fun.

We got off at the "Mountain Village" "exit" and there ate our sack lunch.  We ate right at the base of the baby ski-hill - magic carpet and all.  There were also some big hills and super high jumps that were fun to watch - Jonas even caught a skier doing a back-flip off a jump and was pretty excited about that.  It was a fun spot to eat lunch.

 Then we got back on the gondola and headed back in to town.  This part, per Jonas, was "a little creepy."  :)

We caught the shuttle and then headed back to the town park (where we had parked and where we sledded).  They have an ice rink there and so we went skating next.
 There were 2 of these "things" there.  Lucy enjoyed using it for a little bit - the older kids had fun playing all sorts of games - including "vacuum," where they turned the thing on its side and sucked up fallen-down siblings.  Cool.
 It was pretty fun!  Go, Emmy, go!

 Jonas had fun playing with some other kids that were there.  There were two boys there that were soooooo good at ice-skating!  It was fun to watch and made me wish our boys would learn some better skills and techniques.

 Lucy braved it on her own a few times.  :)

 This dog, per his/her owner, "really likes the ice rink."  So Telluridian.  :)  It was an awesome dog, though!  It would eat the snow on the ice.  In fact, Miles was playing with a snow ball and it rolled away . . .and the dog ate it.  :)

 Cute sisters.

Emmy really, really wanted to take a picture.  Not too bad!

Anyways, it was a fabulous, practically perfect day.  I loved it and so did my kids.  A win-win for sure!  We all want to do it again . . . with Ben if possible.  Someday . . .

I'll share two videos, that aren't the best, but still fun to me:
Jonas and Emmy sledding down the hill - and having fun (as opposed to the above picture.  :)

Silly, yet wonderful, sisters.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kindergarten cuteness

One of Emmy's latest drawing and writing assignment that she brought home from school:

Translation for those not able to read Kinder print and spelling:  :)
"My gorilla is in a cage so I am not scared."


Friday, January 17, 2014


I meant to actually write a post for today, but I didn't.  So you get these videos:

And I might as well add a couple of pictures, too:
 Lucy in front of our "skate shop" in the basement.  Last year we kept stuff upstairs and it was always a mess and a pain.  Now we can put our skates, etc. on in the basement and walk up the stairs, out the garage, then to the rink.  Much better!

Just a picture of this past Tuesday's Young Men's Hockey night.  They loved it - both the old and young!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kiss Me

So we had the elders (three of them!) over for dinner tonight.  My girls love them and go crazy for them - like always.  I have noticed their attention is usually directed towards Elder Jacobson.  But I didn't realize how bad it was until Elder Jacobson told us what Emmy had told him that last time they were over.  I guess Emmy was sitting by him and whispered in his ear, "Kiss me."


Where does my sweet little 6-year get this!?  Crazy.  He said he just didn't really respond, and so then she whispered it like 5 more times to him.  Then, finally, she told him something like, "Someday I'm going to kiss you."

Holy Moly this child.

It cracks me up, of course, yet terrifies me at the same time . . .

At least she has chosen some stellar young men to have crushes on.  I'll give her that and hope and PRAY that it will continue.  :)  Oh Emmy girl.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Weekend

Friday night Ben had a Men's Hockey Night.  There were 8 of them, at the beginning, all out there playing.  I think they all had a great time - it's always fun to hear the ooohhhs and AAAAhhhhhs.  :)

I enjoyed a night starting a new book for my book club, Enders Game.  I'm liking it thus far!

This morning, after my run and some bedroom clean-ups, the family went out on the ice rink.  There is some serious warming up coming on and so I decided we better get out and enjoy it while we can.  Everyone was out for a bit and had fun.  Lucy is getting a little more brave on her skates - but still would rather be pulled and pushed.  The girls especially liked being dragged on their bums by Ben.  It was a pretty cute sight.  The girls went in and then the four of us played some hockey!  Good times for sure.

This afternoon Emmy had a little "tea-party."  Which was really just a play-date with her friends - mostly her preschool friends (whom she has hardly seen since school has started) and then one classmate from kindergarten.  I came up with the idea from Emmy's doll and tea-set and Fancy Nancy Tea Party book she got from Santa.  This is totally not like me to do, but I wanted to do it for Emmy's sake.  She was super excited about it as we got things ready this past week.

Overall, it was great and the girls had a lot of fun.  I didn't plan very many specific activities because I thought the girls would all just want to play.  And that's pretty much what happened.  They played hide-n-seek for a while and towards the end were just wild and crazy and running and screaming!  Whoa.  (The boys had vacated and went to the church to fly their helicopters, among other things . . .)

 Here is our set-up.  Emmy and I made the butterfly place-mats and plates a day or two earlier.  The ideas came from her book.  Emmy loved how it all looked!

 The cute girls!

 I told them they could bring their dolls.  So we got Sadie (Holly's doll), Marabelle (Emmy's doll), Bambi (Ava's doll) and Julia (Jillian's doll).  So cute.  I love that Bambi came along.  :)

 The girls were pretty tired after running around during hide-n-seek and so that rested for a few minutes and colored.  Emmy had read a game from her Fancy Nancy book called Packing for Paris.  The first person says, "I'm packing for Paris and I'm going to bring a . . ."  Then the next says the line, the item the first person said, and then includes her own item.  I just thought it was cute that Emmy really wanted to play (she had talked about it many times during the week) and got it going.  Some things that the girls "packed" were:  a clock, a clock that is in the shape of a banana, a clock book, a car, a princess crown, a sun, a coloring page, etc.  :)

The happy hostess.

I drove the girls home and we listened to the Frozen CD.  It was super cute listening to these girls sing along to the songs.

Now I'm blogging and then I'll read some more of my book.  While Ben is finishing up bishop-stuff and getting ready to work on his talk for tomorrow - silly bishop assigned himself (and the rest of the bishopric) to speak.  Oh - and happy day!  9am church!  It's been over 3 years of 1:00 or 1:30 church.  I'm so ready for this.


Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

So I haven't always been a New Year's goal-maker - some years I've made some, other years I haven't.  But I did teach a lesson a couple months ago in Sunday school and it inspired me to do so.  There was one quote that stuck with me:  "If it's not written down, it's just a wish."  So I thought I should write them down.  Truthfully, I haven't even figured them out yet (I know, I'm like 10 days late!).  But I thought if I forced myself to sit down and write this, I would force myself to take the time to figure them out.  (I've been thinking about them for a while, I just haven't formally formalzied them yet.)

So here we go, broken down in to four categories:

Take a free course from BYU online.
I can't think of much in this category.  Any brilliant ideas out there?

Do a 50-mile bike race/ride
     (I've done lots of 1/2 marathons and plan to do another one this year.  But since I've done them, I thought      I should stretch myself.  A 50-mile ride would do so.  We'll see!)
Snacking on only fruits and veggies during the day - except for the weekends.
     (I've kept out eating sweets during the day for a while.  But I thought I should eat more f&v - particularly      veggies.  Hopefully this will help.)

Read the Ensigns for each month
Read the RS/Priesthood lessons for each week's lesson
Figure out some kind of outline or something for more organized and less last-minute FHEs
More service activities for our family
Visit different widows a couple of Sundays each month with my kids

Plan, organize, and execute a Mother's Day 5K race
Re-read Love and Logic and The 5 Love Languages of Children
Actually apply what I read!

That's what I got for now.  I can't remember if I had other ideas floating around my brain.  If so, I'll add them.

P.S.  I had one goal for last year and it was to read the entire 4 book of scriptures:  the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price (I had found a schedule online to follow.  You read from the Bible and Book of Mormon or D&C or PofGP each day) .  I read them all - okay, okay, maybe I skimmed some parts in the bible.  But not much.  But probably somewhere in Isaiah, among a few other spots . . . I'm glad I did it.  I'm glad I'm done with it, too!  :)

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Our Post-Christmas Break

It is always nice to be home for Christmas Day, but it is also so nice to get away afterwards.  I think it worked out perfectly this year:  home the first part of the holiday break and then away for the end.  We had a really super time at my parents' home and had the extra bonus of having Derek, Renee, and Josten there for some of it, too.

We headed out on Wednesday morning - bright and early.  We made good time and so had a half day ahead of us.  We got my dad a remote-control helicopter for Christmas - well, it was pretty late so I guess we can call it a New Year's Day gift.  Ben got himself one as well.  :)  The boys were really excited to have Grandpa try to fly his and so we headed to the basement for some flying lessons.  My dad definitely still knows a lot about helicopters and it was fun to hear him talk about them.

 This was one of his first take-offs.  He got better.  :)

After flying, we went just down the road for some sledding.  It was a small hill - yet made Ben and I a little nervous since it was a little steep and totally packed snow.  But it turned out great and the kids had a blast - except when they didn't (as in, when they biffed it pretty good!).

There was a little jump there and Jonas and Emmy loved it.  Miles would do it, but not as often as the other two.  It was their favorite (except when it wasn't . . . :)
 One of my favorite pictures ever of Emmy.  I sure lucked out with this shot!

 Go, go, Jonas!

 Miles loved the "seal-sled," as we called it.  Lots of riding on his stomach - made me slightly queasy just watching him!  But he loved it.

 Lucy and Ben had some fun, too!

 We didn't have to start Lucy very far up - the packed snow made it for easy sliding!  Lucy loved it as you can see.

On Thursday morning - after a fun run (me) and bike ride (Ben) together - we all headed over to the Club House for some fly-time.  We thought the basketball court would be a good place to fly the helicopters.  Luckily there were some kids in there and so we were "forced" to stay upstairs in the lobby - which turned out to be a better spot, really.  More space and just as high ceilings.
 Ben loves flying his copter!

 My dad had already improved from the first day!  (Can you spot the helicopter!?)

The boys had fun flying, too, of course.

While we were charging them all for another flight, we played various games:  ping pong (my mom was pretty much the champion, even beating out Ben!), foosball, pool - and video games.  There are a couple of arcade games there - for free - and my boys were pretty much crazy about them!

Then we came up to fly again and Miles got enraptured by the exercise room.  He started walking on the treadmill and came up with a goal:  to walk one mile.
 The cute walker.

 Oh, he is so handsome.

 And one mile he did.  :)  He wanted me to take a picture of it, of course.  Funny kid.  He really did like it, though.

We came back, got lunch, then headed out for some ice-skating!  Midway has an awesome rink and we had a fabulous time.  My parents came and watched for at least half of the time we were there.  I think the kids were excited to show my parents that they had gotten a lot better since the last time they skated there!

 The girls.  No, I don't know what Emmy is doing with her legs.

 The boys.

 Lucy stuck with us for pretty much the whole time!  At one point she got her boots on, but then quickly asked for her skates to be put back on.  She finally even did some "skating" on her own - not really skating, but at least sliding on her skates on the ice.

 But she also really loved just sitting on the rink and eating away at the shaved ice.  Unflavored of course.  Silly, cute girl.

 But it made her tired and within minutes of riding back in "Grandpa's Toy," Lucy had fallen fast asleep.  I carried her in, held her for a bit, then had Ben set her down on the floor.  She stayed asleep and Ben and I headed out to the thrift store in town (well, in Heber, but close enough).

 One of the many, many purchases I made there (hey, when clothing costs $2, it's hard to say no . . .):  hockey jerseys for the boys!  So love!  I was so super excited - so were they, but I think I was more so.  :)

On Friday our family went down to Provo to Provo's "Beach Resort."  It's just this huge place.  We took our kids to the indoor play-place and they loved it.  They played for a bit, we ate our sack lunches, we let the kids each play some arcade games, let the girls ride the carousel,

 and then played some more.  Then we headed over to Provo's "dollar theater" and saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: 2.  It was in 3-D and I think the kids really enjoyed it.  Me - so-so.

We came back and had dinner.  Then Ben and I and the 2 boys headed out for some night ice-skating.  It was so super great.  We all loved it and had a lot of fun.  The girls stayed home and grandma played with them and then read to them and put them to bed.

By the time we got back from ice-skating, Derek and Renee and Josten had arrived (they had come to my parents' home a week earlier and then headed south to spend some time in St. George).  We had a fun visit that night with them.  I think they are pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself.

On Saturday morning the boys headed over to the Club House with Renee and Josten.  Josten is 13 and my boys just think he's coooool.  When they got back we had some lunch and then headed to the Ice Castles - which is right by the skating rink.  It's pretty impressive:
 That is a shot looking up as we entered in to the "castle."

 Miles, Ben, Lucy, Emmy, Jonas, Renee, and Josten.  It's a very impressive sight and the pictures, of course, don't do it justice.  Also, in the next month or so, it's just going to get bigger and bigger!  Amazing.

 So cool!

 It's like we're actually in the movie Frozen.  :)

 Crazy cool.

Then we headed to another hill for some more sledding.  This sledding trip consisted of a lot of bum-sledding as well.  Headed up by Ben.
 Lucy having fun!

 Miles going hands-free!

We got back and then got ready to go to SLC to Benihana's.  I had mentioned going there to my dad earlier (way before Christmas even) and then didn't say anymore because I felt bad at how much it would cost for him to pay for everyone (and pay for everyone he would!).  But, of course, he had remembered and made reservations for everyone on Saturday.  I was so excited - it had been a while since I had gone!
 Of course our chef was fun to watch!

These cute girls enjoyed the show and the food, too!

 We couldn't all fit at one table - and so here was our table.  I was super impressed with how well my girls ate.  They ate practically everything!  Except for the fried rice.  :)

Here is Renee, Josten, and Derek at their table.  Isn't Renee beautiful?  I think so!  The other two are pretty handsome, too.  :)

It was a fun evening and a fun experience to have with our kids.

Sunday was NOT a normal Sunday as Ben was home for all of it - wahoo!  Lucy went to primary and Sunbeams and did awesome and, per the Primary President's report (who happens to be my mom), was one of very few Sunbeams who weren't bawling.  Ha.  :)  Lucy was excited and asked me afterwords, "Do I get to do that [go to primary/Sunbeams] for always?"  :)

Renee made us a delicious dinner of salmon - silver and pink, I think.  That she had caught herself.  It was really yummy - as was the rest of the dinner.  Including Miles' polenta-cups he made (and talked and talked and talked about).

We watched some home-videos that evening, too.  Ben was thrilled to have everyone watch one of my finest moments - the time where Erin and I had gone down on a tube (sledding) and I told her it was her turn to take it back up the hill.  Erin denied it was her turn.  So I just kicked the tube at her and ran up the hill.  I would like to hope I've matured since then, but I'm not so sure. . . :)

Then we pretty much just got up, I ran, packed up, and left on Monday morning.

It was just a really great time!  The only thing it was missing was the Hubands.  Otherwise it was practically perfect!