Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kiss Me

So we had the elders (three of them!) over for dinner tonight.  My girls love them and go crazy for them - like always.  I have noticed their attention is usually directed towards Elder Jacobson.  But I didn't realize how bad it was until Elder Jacobson told us what Emmy had told him that last time they were over.  I guess Emmy was sitting by him and whispered in his ear, "Kiss me."


Where does my sweet little 6-year get this!?  Crazy.  He said he just didn't really respond, and so then she whispered it like 5 more times to him.  Then, finally, she told him something like, "Someday I'm going to kiss you."

Holy Moly this child.

It cracks me up, of course, yet terrifies me at the same time . . .

At least she has chosen some stellar young men to have crushes on.  I'll give her that and hope and PRAY that it will continue.  :)  Oh Emmy girl.


erinmalia said...

hahahaha. maybe you need to start inviting the sisters over instead. and seriously, where in the world does this come from?! so bizarre.

Emily said...

Ha ha ha- so funny! Kids can be so bold sometimes. I'm glad to hear she has such good taste!

Niederfam said...

WOW……soooooo funny, except a little scary! ;) HOPEFULLY the "boy crazy" stage will hit NOW and not later??? Maybe you are the LUCKY one???

Great taste though!!!

Unknown said...