Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miles the Artist

Miles' Great-Grandpa was named Miles.  Thus Ben's middle name and our son's first name.  Great-Grandpa Miles was an artist - by profession.  His artwork supported he, his wife (Great-Grandma Dee), and their four children.  We were given a book entitled, "The Art of Miles Erwin Foresman."  It's really impressive - the book itself, as well as Miles' artwork.

Anyways, I think Miles Jr. has inherited some of his Great-grandpa's artistic talent.  He is quite detailed with most of his artwork and really creative as well.  He just brought this picture home yesterday, something he had done in art.  Ben and I really love it.  Miles - he is bothered by the fact that the tree is skinny on the lower half and bigger up above.  :)

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erinmalia said...

but some trees get skinnier in the middle. it looks awesome!