Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Weekend

Friday night Ben had a Men's Hockey Night.  There were 8 of them, at the beginning, all out there playing.  I think they all had a great time - it's always fun to hear the ooohhhs and AAAAhhhhhs.  :)

I enjoyed a night starting a new book for my book club, Enders Game.  I'm liking it thus far!

This morning, after my run and some bedroom clean-ups, the family went out on the ice rink.  There is some serious warming up coming on and so I decided we better get out and enjoy it while we can.  Everyone was out for a bit and had fun.  Lucy is getting a little more brave on her skates - but still would rather be pulled and pushed.  The girls especially liked being dragged on their bums by Ben.  It was a pretty cute sight.  The girls went in and then the four of us played some hockey!  Good times for sure.

This afternoon Emmy had a little "tea-party."  Which was really just a play-date with her friends - mostly her preschool friends (whom she has hardly seen since school has started) and then one classmate from kindergarten.  I came up with the idea from Emmy's doll and tea-set and Fancy Nancy Tea Party book she got from Santa.  This is totally not like me to do, but I wanted to do it for Emmy's sake.  She was super excited about it as we got things ready this past week.

Overall, it was great and the girls had a lot of fun.  I didn't plan very many specific activities because I thought the girls would all just want to play.  And that's pretty much what happened.  They played hide-n-seek for a while and towards the end were just wild and crazy and running and screaming!  Whoa.  (The boys had vacated and went to the church to fly their helicopters, among other things . . .)

 Here is our set-up.  Emmy and I made the butterfly place-mats and plates a day or two earlier.  The ideas came from her book.  Emmy loved how it all looked!

 The cute girls!

 I told them they could bring their dolls.  So we got Sadie (Holly's doll), Marabelle (Emmy's doll), Bambi (Ava's doll) and Julia (Jillian's doll).  So cute.  I love that Bambi came along.  :)

 The girls were pretty tired after running around during hide-n-seek and so that rested for a few minutes and colored.  Emmy had read a game from her Fancy Nancy book called Packing for Paris.  The first person says, "I'm packing for Paris and I'm going to bring a . . ."  Then the next says the line, the item the first person said, and then includes her own item.  I just thought it was cute that Emmy really wanted to play (she had talked about it many times during the week) and got it going.  Some things that the girls "packed" were:  a clock, a clock that is in the shape of a banana, a clock book, a car, a princess crown, a sun, a coloring page, etc.  :)

The happy hostess.

I drove the girls home and we listened to the Frozen CD.  It was super cute listening to these girls sing along to the songs.

Now I'm blogging and then I'll read some more of my book.  While Ben is finishing up bishop-stuff and getting ready to work on his talk for tomorrow - silly bishop assigned himself (and the rest of the bishopric) to speak.  Oh - and happy day!  9am church!  It's been over 3 years of 1:00 or 1:30 church.  I'm so ready for this.



erinmalia said...

the party looked adorable. sorry i couldn't make it.


Emily said...

That tea party looks AWESOME! Can I come?! Looks like every little girl's dream! Fun night!

Niederfam said...

SO cute, I'm sure ALL of the girls, LOVED it.

9am church, SOOOOOO jealous….we've been 1:00 or 1:30 for two years and won't switch to 9 til 2015……aiyiyi………I'm TRYING to be patient, but it's HARD……..AND Preston just got called INTO the bishopric as 2nd counselor, and I CANNOT imagine him being the bishop, so really HATS OFF TO YOU and BEN!!!!! I'm sure he's amazing, but he can only pull it off because he has an AMAZING wife behind him!!!!! ;)