Friday, January 17, 2014


I meant to actually write a post for today, but I didn't.  So you get these videos:

And I might as well add a couple of pictures, too:
 Lucy in front of our "skate shop" in the basement.  Last year we kept stuff upstairs and it was always a mess and a pain.  Now we can put our skates, etc. on in the basement and walk up the stairs, out the garage, then to the rink.  Much better!

Just a picture of this past Tuesday's Young Men's Hockey night.  They loved it - both the old and young!


erinmalia said...

do you bring it in because it's winter? that girl is key-ute.

emily said...

We bring it out of the cellar room and in to the playroom for winter. We don't keep it outside because who would want to put on a pair of freezing cold ice skates? :) Not me! Nor do I want to help 4 kids get their skates on where it is 10 degrees out. :)

Yes, she is key-ute. :)