Friday, February 28, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Derby Day!

Actually, it was Derby Night last night.  It turned out to be a fun evening - especially for all the boys that finally got to race their pinewood derby cars!

So the boys definitely worked on their cars, but so did Ben and even myself a bit.  Next year I think we'll let/make the boys do the majority of the work.  The boys did sand their cars, painted them (though not the more detailed paint jobs), sanded all their axels, and maybe a few other little things.

Here they are working on spinning their wheels (we had just put in the graphite) during the Olympic's Closing Ceremony:

I found some cute trophies on Pinterest and so I decided to make some, too.  I ended up making 6 - there were 2 packs racing and so the top 3 finishers from each pack got a trophy.
 I think they turned out pretty good.  Thanks to my friend Mellissa for printing out the vinyl lettering for me!

 Jonas' car.  Very cool.

 Miles' car.  Love it.

 Both boys with their cars.  We had gotten a couple of books on pinewood derby cars from the library and so the boys used that to help them decide on what to do with their block of wood.



 Here they are getting ready for their first race.  Each boy raced 3 times - on a different track each time.  It's all done on a computer and is totally random on who and when.  The best averaged times of the 3 races were the overall winners.

 Jonas won 1st on two of his races and 3rd on his last race (which, come to find out, was against the 2 cars that ended up winning for each pack).  Miles' car got 2nd on all 3 of his races.  :)  Neither of the boys won a trophy, though - bummer.  It was a super close race, though.  Jonas was 6th and Miles 7th overall - out of 16 boys.  Not too bad.  (Sarah, our neighbor, is in the background of the photo.  She, her dad Greg, and brother Josh came because Josh wanted to race a couple of his old cars in the "Open Race" afterwards.  It was fun having them there and I think they had a good time, too.)

They just loved racing their cars!  So much fun.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend

Well we didn't end up doing too much, but we did do something so that is a little noteworthy, I guess.  I think Friday night we just watched the Olympics.  That has been our evenings for the past couple of weeks.  It's been really super great watching it all together.  If the kids did their reading and homework, then they were free to watch for a while.

Saturday afternoon we went to Dominquez Canyon for a hike.  But it was more of a nice, sunny stroll.  You have to walk almost 2 miles in to get to the canyon - but we just made it to the bridge, right at the beginning of the canyon, due to a few unanticipated side-trips along the way . . .

 Like this.  We turned down Dominquez Canyon Road (doesn't that sound like it would take you to Dominquez Canyon), but it was a wrong turn - we found that out after driving a few miles on the dirt road.  But the kids had spotted an old car on the hillside on our way in and asked (Miles more like pleaded/demanded) that we stop and get out and explore the old car.  So we did.  We had to hike up a little bit to it - but the kids really enjoyed it.  Oh, our 2 neighbors came with us - Josh and Sarah.  Our kids invited them and they were able to come and so it made the whole outing way more fun and exciting.  :)  Josh declared the old car as a 1955 Bel Air.  Who knows?

We finally made it to the right road and starting walking, only to dead-end at the river.  So we had to walk back out and head out a different direction - this time, the right direction.  We walked along the railroad track and that was kind of fun for the kids.  They found all sorts of railroad spikes - enough for all the kids to have one, and then some.
 It was a beautiful, sunny day!

 We made it to our destination (determined once we were on the right trail and realized we didn't have a super long time . . .) - the bridge!  I liked it because it was a super-safe bridge; I didn't have to worry about my kids falling through a slat.  :)

We made it back to our car and headed back home.  I think we were a couple of hours later than Josh and Sarah's parents expected, whoops.

Sunday was the usual:  Ben up and out early; church 9-12; blah, blah, blah; walk; blah, blah, blah, Ben home for 2 minutes then out with our boys to home-teach; dinner; and then the final night of Olympics.
Lucy, sans nap for the day, passed out before 7:30.  What a cutie.  We all worked on some of the finishing touches to the boys' pinewood derby cars while watching the closing ceremonies.

Then it was off to bed.

And another Monday rolled around . . .

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Almost Quote of the Day

What I thought Lucy said,

"When are our boobs going to come out?"

What she really said,

"When are our boos going to come out?"

(Her and Emmy's boo were in the dryer . . .)

It was almost funny.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


These pictures don't do justice to the sunburns these two got:
 Jonas got the classic goggle-wearing raccoon-eyes burn.  He wasn't around when the sunblock was being passed around . . .

And apparently Lucy's mother doesn't quite know how to put on sunblock.  But I'll also blame the 1 1/2 hour nap on the ski-hill.  :)

Ski videos

These won't be terribly exciting, but are fun for our kids at least.  There are a ton because I'm too lazy to choose which ones - so you get them all.  None are too long, at least!

Skiing . . . for everyone

This year we were all able to ski!  It was the first time in about 11 years that I have skied - crazy.  But we felt Lucy could be harnessed up and ski and so we did.  It turned out to be a pretty fun ski-trip!

Our usual house that we rent was not available for when we wanted it, so we found another place.  Luckily we were able to get something - there were a couple of events going on that weekend.  We stayed at the Wyman Hotel, in their family suite.  It worked well for us - even though there was no kitchen.  (I brought up dinner in our crockpot and that worked out well!)

We headed out Friday morning and had a fairly decent drive over Red Mountain Pass.  The pass had been closed for about a month due to some severe rock slide that had occurred and needed to be stabilized.  The pass just opened on Monday night and so we were lucky!

The ski hill doesn't open until 11 and we were there a little after with our skies and ready to go.  Here we go with the pictures (there aren't too many of the boys since they didn't really ski with us too much).

 Lucy's first run!

 After Lucy's first run - it's tough work, skiing!  :)  We didn't work on teaching Lucy how to turn, etc.  We just let her stand and we steered her with the harness.  It worked and she really loved it.  She just wanted to go again and again and again.

 Ben and Lucy.

 Cute Lucy on the lift - she really loved going on it.

 Here we are, right off the lift, ready to head down the mountain.

 Wheeee.  That's me behind her.  She hardly ever wanted to ski with me; she always wanted to ski with Ben.

 There is Jonas getting a little bit of air off a jump.  :)

 Emmy is crazy and cute!  She loves skiing, too.

 Yes, I do have a lot of pictures of Lucy.  But it was her first time, so there!

 Cute snow babe.

 Ouch.  That is the damage done to a tree after Emmy ran in to it.  Oh it was a little scary!  This was one of her first runs and she had gotten out of control - well, just going too fast and couldn't stop.  I couldn't get a head of her to help.  So BAM! into the tree she went.  She was fine, thank goodness.  But definitely scared.  She had a bit of a headache, but that was it.  Thank goodness for helmets.  After that, we really worked on her snow-plow, pizza, or kissy-knees (as I termed it) and her turns.  She got much better and much more in control.

The girls and I ended at 3:30 and went in to the lodge.  Then Ben was able to get his board on and go with the boys for the last half hour.

We then checked in to our hotel, explored it (the kids at least), and then put on a movie for the kids.  Up was what they decided to watch.
We ate dinner during the movie, played a few Valentines games, then finished up the evening with Olympics.

The next morning while I was out on a little run, the boys played some chess at the hotel:
 It looks friendly, but it didn't sound like it was.  Rule-making, rule-breaking, "I'm not playing anymore!" and the such were done and said.  :)

We had a fancy breakfast down in the dining room and that was pretty exciting.  Then we just packed up and headed to the ski hill.  There was a race going on and so we decided to do some ice-skating.  We had fun, but the kids weren't super in to it.  A little before 11 (when the mountain really opens) we got ready to ski.  And ski we did.  Lucy lasted until just after lunch and then became pretty tired:
 She fell asleep on the chair in this totally uncomfortable position.

I went on a couple runs with the boys and then came back and picked up Lucy and let her sleep for a while.
 Cute Emmy taking a short rest.  While Lucy still napped and since Emmy was able to ski without help (but not alone), Ben was able to get his board on and spent the rest of the afternoon boarding with Emmy and getting some videos.  When Lucy woke up she said she wanted to go skiing again.  Until I told her she couldn't take her boo with her.  Then she decided she was all done skiing.  :)  I did a few more runs with Emmy and then us girls called it quits so the boys could ski together.

The girls were excited to go in to the lodge and buy some treats with money they had just received.  Fun for them:
 Emmy chose Rootbeer and an almond Hershey bar.

Lucy chose skittles and cheetos.  Luckily the sisters shared and had a little bit of everything.  :)

The boys had a great end to their day - even doing the "black diamond" hill.  I say "black diamond" because it is more like a blue hill, but for this mountain it is their "black diamond."  They did okay on it.  Miles is just pretty much in a chronic snowplow when he skies.  He turns a little bit, but snowplows lots.  Jonas does a little better - being in a smaller snowplow, not all the time, and turning a little bit more.  Someday I hope to get the boys in ski-lessons.  But I did remind myself and Ben that, really, this is the boys' like 5th and 6th time skiing.  We've gone on our Silverton ski-trip the past few years, but that is really the only time they ski all season.  So they are doing just fine, but we do need to teach them some better techniques!

Emmy got really good at her turns and was quite speedy.

After dropping off our skis we headed home and survived Red Mountain Pass yet again.  What a blessing!  :)  The roads were dry and we were super lucky.  Oh, and the weather in Silverton was so super hot.  Like 40-45 degrees!  It was crazy warm.

Another fun ski-trip to Silverton!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

All Jonas Wants for V-day . . .

is his 2 front teeth . . .
He just lost these two tonite.  It was a slightly bloody battle, but in the end my tooth-pulling fingers prevailed.

These are teeth #3 and 4 lost for him.  It's about time he lost some more - it's been like a year and a half since Uncle Chuck pulled out his first lost-tooth.  :)

He immediately starting saying things like "Sally sold seashells by the seashore."  Awesome.

I think this de-ages him about 2 years or so.  :)

I {heart} Valentine's hair-dos

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The kids will be out of school on Valentine's Day (due to parent-teacher conferences).  So their parties will be tomorrow.  So fun and exciting.  Here are the kids' Valentines we made:

 Lucy, being a fourth child, though not in school child, still has to make Valentines.  We'll pass hers out at gymnastics tomorrow.  She had fun painting and gluing on the eyes.  (Here's the link/source.)

 I saw this on Pinterest and loved it - so did Emmy.  Cute and fun to make.

 Jonas almost did a Harry Potter one that I thought was pretty great.  But then he decided on the airplanes.  Very cool.  His card attached to the end says, "You are plane awesome.  Happy Valentine's Day.  Love, Jonas."

 All the kids in Miles' class know that Miles is an "origami master," as one kid said to me this past Monday.  Awesome.  So it was only fitting for him to make origami hearts, right?  I had seen this one on Pinterest, but it didn't quite work with our lollipops, so we modified it a bit.

I love them all - the Valentines and the kids.  :)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Ice Rink is Alive and Well - sometimes

In terms of having a backyard ice-rink, January wasn't the greatest of months.  Too warm.  Too many days of upper 30s and even lower 40s.  Luckily, though, the nights were still cold - usually in the teens.  What that meant was that the ice rink was frozen in the morning and late evening.  It also meant that it wasn't frozen between about 2pm-7ish.  So there wasn't tons of after-school skating going on.  But we have managed to play and skate on many Saturday mornings, including two times that our friends came over to join us.  We just played last night, too, for our FHE activity.  It's just so fun.  I've never played hockey before this whole ice-rink thing, but it's great!  In a couple more years I'll be the worse player in the family, I'm sure.  Even Emmy is getting a little in to it - although as she says, "I hate hockey.  But it's kind of fun."  Girls.

Ben has been able to have 3 Mens' Hockey nights (on Fridays), plus a couple of Monday morning games with the Elders.  The Elders have probably used it at least three other times without us - we've been out of town, unavailable, etc.  We always tell them they are welcomed to come in our gate and skate.  The missionaries just love it.  The Young Men have come over twice for their activity night.  So, really, I think we've gotten great use out of our rink.

 Here is Ben with the latest group of missionaries.  I don't know their names (two new missionaries just arrived and the other two serve in a different ward) - except for Elder Jacobson (back row, black shirt). My girls LOVE him - almost (as much?) as Elder Koyle.

Lucy loved watching them play for a bit.

February is looking pretty good so far for the rink.  :)

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Snowy Day

On Friday we got about 7 inches of wet, wet snow - it was great!  We had gone over a month (maybe almost 2) since we had last gotten snow.  If it's winter and cold, it might as well snow - right?!  Lucy and I didn't play too much in it in the morning - we drove in it to Mostly Music.  Oh, and I shoveled in the morning when we had gotten back from taking the kids to school - Lucy, towards the end, started complaining of her toes being cold.  So I told her to go inside.  She refused.  Well when I was done we went in together and I took her boots off (not snow-boots, mind you, because she had refused them) and I discovered she had no socks on.  Nice.

Anyways, when we got the kids home from school and had snack, we all went out to play.  Snowmen were made, sidewalks were shoveled again, and snowballs were formed.  It was great fun.  Here are a few pictures, mostly of our snowball fights:
 The battleground.

 A hit!

 But she is not down - take that!  :)

 Jonas loved it.

When Ben came home I had to go inside and get dinner started.  So Ben went out to play.  Well, really what he did was throw snowballs - "about 300" according to Ben.  (His arm paid for it the next day.  :)  He ended up getting their shields and the boys LOVED it.  Ben would throw, the boys would block.


The next day the boys went out again - after awhile, finally demanding Ben to come out and lob snowballs at them.  So he did for a little bit.  Then Jonas or Miles said to Ben, "Hey Dad, someone is throwing snowballs at YOU."  He was right - our neighbor, Bob, started chucking some across the street at them.  :)  Ben went in but told Bob he was welcomed to throw snowballs at our boys:

Oh they all loved it!  Bob's wife Carman came out and got some pictures that she later posted on facebook.  She said the cars that would pass would all smile and laugh.

What a snowy, fun time!