Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Snowy Day

On Friday we got about 7 inches of wet, wet snow - it was great!  We had gone over a month (maybe almost 2) since we had last gotten snow.  If it's winter and cold, it might as well snow - right?!  Lucy and I didn't play too much in it in the morning - we drove in it to Mostly Music.  Oh, and I shoveled in the morning when we had gotten back from taking the kids to school - Lucy, towards the end, started complaining of her toes being cold.  So I told her to go inside.  She refused.  Well when I was done we went in together and I took her boots off (not snow-boots, mind you, because she had refused them) and I discovered she had no socks on.  Nice.

Anyways, when we got the kids home from school and had snack, we all went out to play.  Snowmen were made, sidewalks were shoveled again, and snowballs were formed.  It was great fun.  Here are a few pictures, mostly of our snowball fights:
 The battleground.

 A hit!

 But she is not down - take that!  :)

 Jonas loved it.

When Ben came home I had to go inside and get dinner started.  So Ben went out to play.  Well, really what he did was throw snowballs - "about 300" according to Ben.  (His arm paid for it the next day.  :)  He ended up getting their shields and the boys LOVED it.  Ben would throw, the boys would block.


The next day the boys went out again - after awhile, finally demanding Ben to come out and lob snowballs at them.  So he did for a little bit.  Then Jonas or Miles said to Ben, "Hey Dad, someone is throwing snowballs at YOU."  He was right - our neighbor, Bob, started chucking some across the street at them.  :)  Ben went in but told Bob he was welcomed to throw snowballs at our boys:

Oh they all loved it!  Bob's wife Carman came out and got some pictures that she later posted on facebook.  She said the cars that would pass would all smile and laugh.

What a snowy, fun time!


erinmalia said...

yay! even though i look at it and think, "better you than me." ha.

Emily said...

You are such a good mom to go out and play in the snow! That isn't something I would enjoy much- unless it was skiing!

Angie Hawkes said...

This looks super fun! We are in need of some good, fresh show. I'm jealous.