Thursday, February 27, 2014

Derby Day!

Actually, it was Derby Night last night.  It turned out to be a fun evening - especially for all the boys that finally got to race their pinewood derby cars!

So the boys definitely worked on their cars, but so did Ben and even myself a bit.  Next year I think we'll let/make the boys do the majority of the work.  The boys did sand their cars, painted them (though not the more detailed paint jobs), sanded all their axels, and maybe a few other little things.

Here they are working on spinning their wheels (we had just put in the graphite) during the Olympic's Closing Ceremony:

I found some cute trophies on Pinterest and so I decided to make some, too.  I ended up making 6 - there were 2 packs racing and so the top 3 finishers from each pack got a trophy.
 I think they turned out pretty good.  Thanks to my friend Mellissa for printing out the vinyl lettering for me!

 Jonas' car.  Very cool.

 Miles' car.  Love it.

 Both boys with their cars.  We had gotten a couple of books on pinewood derby cars from the library and so the boys used that to help them decide on what to do with their block of wood.



 Here they are getting ready for their first race.  Each boy raced 3 times - on a different track each time.  It's all done on a computer and is totally random on who and when.  The best averaged times of the 3 races were the overall winners.

 Jonas won 1st on two of his races and 3rd on his last race (which, come to find out, was against the 2 cars that ended up winning for each pack).  Miles' car got 2nd on all 3 of his races.  :)  Neither of the boys won a trophy, though - bummer.  It was a super close race, though.  Jonas was 6th and Miles 7th overall - out of 16 boys.  Not too bad.  (Sarah, our neighbor, is in the background of the photo.  She, her dad Greg, and brother Josh came because Josh wanted to race a couple of his old cars in the "Open Race" afterwards.  It was fun having them there and I think they had a good time, too.)

They just loved racing their cars!  So much fun.


Nicole said...

Oh cute! Even if they didn't technically win. They still did great! Loved the trophies. nice job!

erinmalia said...

those cars are awesome. and those tropies? so cool!

Niederfam said...

Agreed, WOW to the cars and the trophies!!! Awesome!!!