Sunday, February 16, 2014

Skiing . . . for everyone

This year we were all able to ski!  It was the first time in about 11 years that I have skied - crazy.  But we felt Lucy could be harnessed up and ski and so we did.  It turned out to be a pretty fun ski-trip!

Our usual house that we rent was not available for when we wanted it, so we found another place.  Luckily we were able to get something - there were a couple of events going on that weekend.  We stayed at the Wyman Hotel, in their family suite.  It worked well for us - even though there was no kitchen.  (I brought up dinner in our crockpot and that worked out well!)

We headed out Friday morning and had a fairly decent drive over Red Mountain Pass.  The pass had been closed for about a month due to some severe rock slide that had occurred and needed to be stabilized.  The pass just opened on Monday night and so we were lucky!

The ski hill doesn't open until 11 and we were there a little after with our skies and ready to go.  Here we go with the pictures (there aren't too many of the boys since they didn't really ski with us too much).

 Lucy's first run!

 After Lucy's first run - it's tough work, skiing!  :)  We didn't work on teaching Lucy how to turn, etc.  We just let her stand and we steered her with the harness.  It worked and she really loved it.  She just wanted to go again and again and again.

 Ben and Lucy.

 Cute Lucy on the lift - she really loved going on it.

 Here we are, right off the lift, ready to head down the mountain.

 Wheeee.  That's me behind her.  She hardly ever wanted to ski with me; she always wanted to ski with Ben.

 There is Jonas getting a little bit of air off a jump.  :)

 Emmy is crazy and cute!  She loves skiing, too.

 Yes, I do have a lot of pictures of Lucy.  But it was her first time, so there!

 Cute snow babe.

 Ouch.  That is the damage done to a tree after Emmy ran in to it.  Oh it was a little scary!  This was one of her first runs and she had gotten out of control - well, just going too fast and couldn't stop.  I couldn't get a head of her to help.  So BAM! into the tree she went.  She was fine, thank goodness.  But definitely scared.  She had a bit of a headache, but that was it.  Thank goodness for helmets.  After that, we really worked on her snow-plow, pizza, or kissy-knees (as I termed it) and her turns.  She got much better and much more in control.

The girls and I ended at 3:30 and went in to the lodge.  Then Ben was able to get his board on and go with the boys for the last half hour.

We then checked in to our hotel, explored it (the kids at least), and then put on a movie for the kids.  Up was what they decided to watch.
We ate dinner during the movie, played a few Valentines games, then finished up the evening with Olympics.

The next morning while I was out on a little run, the boys played some chess at the hotel:
 It looks friendly, but it didn't sound like it was.  Rule-making, rule-breaking, "I'm not playing anymore!" and the such were done and said.  :)

We had a fancy breakfast down in the dining room and that was pretty exciting.  Then we just packed up and headed to the ski hill.  There was a race going on and so we decided to do some ice-skating.  We had fun, but the kids weren't super in to it.  A little before 11 (when the mountain really opens) we got ready to ski.  And ski we did.  Lucy lasted until just after lunch and then became pretty tired:
 She fell asleep on the chair in this totally uncomfortable position.

I went on a couple runs with the boys and then came back and picked up Lucy and let her sleep for a while.
 Cute Emmy taking a short rest.  While Lucy still napped and since Emmy was able to ski without help (but not alone), Ben was able to get his board on and spent the rest of the afternoon boarding with Emmy and getting some videos.  When Lucy woke up she said she wanted to go skiing again.  Until I told her she couldn't take her boo with her.  Then she decided she was all done skiing.  :)  I did a few more runs with Emmy and then us girls called it quits so the boys could ski together.

The girls were excited to go in to the lodge and buy some treats with money they had just received.  Fun for them:
 Emmy chose Rootbeer and an almond Hershey bar.

Lucy chose skittles and cheetos.  Luckily the sisters shared and had a little bit of everything.  :)

The boys had a great end to their day - even doing the "black diamond" hill.  I say "black diamond" because it is more like a blue hill, but for this mountain it is their "black diamond."  They did okay on it.  Miles is just pretty much in a chronic snowplow when he skies.  He turns a little bit, but snowplows lots.  Jonas does a little better - being in a smaller snowplow, not all the time, and turning a little bit more.  Someday I hope to get the boys in ski-lessons.  But I did remind myself and Ben that, really, this is the boys' like 5th and 6th time skiing.  We've gone on our Silverton ski-trip the past few years, but that is really the only time they ski all season.  So they are doing just fine, but we do need to teach them some better techniques!

Emmy got really good at her turns and was quite speedy.

After dropping off our skis we headed home and survived Red Mountain Pass yet again.  What a blessing!  :)  The roads were dry and we were super lucky.  Oh, and the weather in Silverton was so super hot.  Like 40-45 degrees!  It was crazy warm.

Another fun ski-trip to Silverton!


Rachelle said...

Yay, what fun to see your little skiers! And glad you survived the scary drive - you're brave, Emily! :)

erinmalia said...

oh man, i would love to join you guys on this trip. it looks so fun. and the boots fit you! hooray! i love those pics of lucy sleeping.

Nicole said...

Way fun!! I love that you all went! Very impressive. And good for you for going after 11 yrs!

Emily said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you FINALLY got a chance to join in after all these years.