Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend

Well we didn't end up doing too much, but we did do something so that is a little noteworthy, I guess.  I think Friday night we just watched the Olympics.  That has been our evenings for the past couple of weeks.  It's been really super great watching it all together.  If the kids did their reading and homework, then they were free to watch for a while.

Saturday afternoon we went to Dominquez Canyon for a hike.  But it was more of a nice, sunny stroll.  You have to walk almost 2 miles in to get to the canyon - but we just made it to the bridge, right at the beginning of the canyon, due to a few unanticipated side-trips along the way . . .

 Like this.  We turned down Dominquez Canyon Road (doesn't that sound like it would take you to Dominquez Canyon), but it was a wrong turn - we found that out after driving a few miles on the dirt road.  But the kids had spotted an old car on the hillside on our way in and asked (Miles more like pleaded/demanded) that we stop and get out and explore the old car.  So we did.  We had to hike up a little bit to it - but the kids really enjoyed it.  Oh, our 2 neighbors came with us - Josh and Sarah.  Our kids invited them and they were able to come and so it made the whole outing way more fun and exciting.  :)  Josh declared the old car as a 1955 Bel Air.  Who knows?

We finally made it to the right road and starting walking, only to dead-end at the river.  So we had to walk back out and head out a different direction - this time, the right direction.  We walked along the railroad track and that was kind of fun for the kids.  They found all sorts of railroad spikes - enough for all the kids to have one, and then some.
 It was a beautiful, sunny day!

 We made it to our destination (determined once we were on the right trail and realized we didn't have a super long time . . .) - the bridge!  I liked it because it was a super-safe bridge; I didn't have to worry about my kids falling through a slat.  :)

We made it back to our car and headed back home.  I think we were a couple of hours later than Josh and Sarah's parents expected, whoops.

Sunday was the usual:  Ben up and out early; church 9-12; blah, blah, blah; walk; blah, blah, blah, Ben home for 2 minutes then out with our boys to home-teach; dinner; and then the final night of Olympics.
Lucy, sans nap for the day, passed out before 7:30.  What a cutie.  We all worked on some of the finishing touches to the boys' pinewood derby cars while watching the closing ceremonies.

Then it was off to bed.

And another Monday rolled around . . .

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erinmalia said...

doesn't it just make you want six kids?! hahaha.

also, who made that pillow (the one under lucy)? did i send you the fabric? did we do it together? i can't remember.