Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The kids will be out of school on Valentine's Day (due to parent-teacher conferences).  So their parties will be tomorrow.  So fun and exciting.  Here are the kids' Valentines we made:

 Lucy, being a fourth child, though not in school child, still has to make Valentines.  We'll pass hers out at gymnastics tomorrow.  She had fun painting and gluing on the eyes.  (Here's the link/source.)

 I saw this on Pinterest and loved it - so did Emmy.  Cute and fun to make.

 Jonas almost did a Harry Potter one that I thought was pretty great.  But then he decided on the airplanes.  Very cool.  His card attached to the end says, "You are plane awesome.  Happy Valentine's Day.  Love, Jonas."

 All the kids in Miles' class know that Miles is an "origami master," as one kid said to me this past Monday.  Awesome.  So it was only fitting for him to make origami hearts, right?  I had seen this one on Pinterest, but it didn't quite work with our lollipops, so we modified it a bit.

I love them all - the Valentines and the kids.  :)

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erinmalia said...

so cool! we'll expect four in the mail. :)