Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A couple of random pics

I want to post these two pictures before I forget.  So here I go . . .

 After our ski adventure on Saturday we had enough time to come home and let Jonas change his snow boots and then he was off to one of his best-friend's birthday party.  There were just these boys there, plus the family.  The boys you see are Pete (on our left; the birthday boy), Jonas, and Ivan.  All three are the best of buds.  They play great together and just love being together.  They were all in the same 1st grade class.  Pete is now homeschooled; Jonas and Ivan are in the same class this year.  What a handsome group.  :)

While we were skiing on Saturday Ben was conducting his first funeral.  A lady in our ward passed away from cancer - she's had a terminal diagnosis for over a year.  Her mother, Nola, is more known in our ward - though neither come all too often.  But Nola is great and whenever Ben (otherwise known as Bishop) mentions her, he always speaks of her as a "woman of faith."  She is quite the character, too - in a fun way!  She's the type of lady that will just stand where she is and share her testimony (not because she can't walk to the microphone - just because I guess).  She loves our ward and has said that it is the only ward that "has the Spirit."  It makes me chuckle, but she truly says it very sincerely.  She's just sweet.  Anyways, Ben said the funeral went great and that it was a really great experience.  There were some blurt-outs (nice or funny comments) from the audience during a talk or two (from Nola and other friends!).  All in all it went great and I think that Nola felt peace and comfort and love at the funeral.
Nola and Bishop Maxwell.

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erinmalia said...

aw, what cute boys! all of them. :)