Saturday, March 22, 2014


This definition of barnelopet is "children's races."  It's Norwegian and I think it usually (maybe not always?) refers to a cross-country ski race.

So the Grand Mesa's Nordic Council hosts a children's day each year.  I remember randomly noticing a sign for this a few years back but we weren't able to do it that year.  Again, this year, I randomly noticed a sign posted at City Market and so we decided to go.

We were all set to go on March 1st, but due to bad weather it was canceled.  Bummer.  But it finally got rescheduled for today.  Which was good and bad.  Good, because I really wanted to go and have the kids give a try at cross-country skiing.  Bad because Ben wouldn't be able to go.  At first he had a temple trip to go to, but that changed to conducting a funeral.

So we went Benless.  The kids had a really great time.  Once Jonas stopped complaining . . . Lucy, actually, was a bit of a pain.  She skied a little loop on her own and did really great, but then just kept crying.  Long story short, she ended up on me in a backpack carrier.

There was some "races" going on after some practice.  It was a pretty low-key race.  :)  The boys decided to do the long route - I'm not sure how long that was.  Around 1.5 miles I think.  I was nervous for them since they really hadn't done much of Nordic skiing.  Also, I was worried about them getting lost since I knew they'd be in the back, the very back, of the pack.  Luckily, some nice volunteer man stuck with my boys, Jonas specifically.  :)

Emmy did a short little race - and, although not fast, finished.  Then she did the loop again.  And again.  And again.  And maybe once more when her brothers got back.  :)  It was cute.

The kids got to wear and keep some cool racing bibs.  They were also given Norwegian flags.  Plus some really cool medals!  They were pretty excited about it all.  Oh and there was plenty of hot cocoa and cookies, too!

All in all, it was a great Nordic ski trip.  I think it was a bit too much for me on my own, but still worth it for my kids' sake.  I'd do it again!  :)

P.S. - We ran into Jonas' kindergarten teacher - who we haven't seen since Jonas finished kindergarten.  She's super in to Nordic skiing and her little boy, Jonas' age, is really good!

Okay, some pictures:
 Getting all registered.

Skis all on, let's go!  It was super snowing there the whole time (until we got in the car to go, of course.)

 Go, go Lucy!

 The other kids.  See, check out that snow.

Here's Miles coming in at the end of his race.

Finished, good work Miles!

Here's Jonas coming in.  :)  He fell twice right before the finish line.  I think he was a wee bit tired.

The girl in red was either the 1st or 2nd place finisher.  She encouraged and skied with Jonas at the very end.  She was sweet.  Jonas was last.  Someone's gotta be last.  :)

I don't think he was too bummed - thank goodness.  But I also think it's because he's still got quite an inflated perception at times.  :)  I was worried the boys would just be tired and frustrated.  But they really liked the ski loop and had a good time.  Yay!

There we all are - medals and all.  Lucy was awarded my medal.  :)

Finishing up the ski trip with round 2 of hot cocoa.  :)  Fun!


Rachelle said...

I can't get over your winter wonderland - it's so beautiful! And what fun to be Nordic skiers - is this anywhere close to Will's Hill, where you took us once? :)

erinmalia said...

i can't believe all the snow is falling! that's crazy! but it looks awesome. you are so brave.

Niederfam said...

While it's still snowing you might as well be enjoying it! But definitely supermom powers for taking that all on!!