Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cute Conversation

The other day Lucy stole some "ribbon candy" from Miles.  Miles got this candy on his birthday and keeps it up in his room.  When I caught Lucy I told her she'd have to tell Miles when he got home from school.  Of course by that time - the time the kids all came back from school - I had forgotten about it.

But you can't get past Miles.  Seriously, he is the boy that you can't ever sneak even a tiny piece of Halloween candy from his loot because he'd know.  So he knew that someone had taken some of his candy and he told me such.  Lucy was right there and so I told her she needed to talk to Miles.

And it was just too cute watching their little conversation in the dining room - just the two of them.  I won't write it all down (because I don't remember it all!), but this part was pretty great:

"Lucy, did you take some of my candy?"

"Yes, but it was an accident."  (Hahahahahahahaha)

"No, Lucy, an accident is where you like crash your car in to something.  This wasn't an accident."


"So I won't give you any more of my candy."

It was just adorable to see them talking it out.


erinmalia said...

oh to be a fly on the wall for that one.

Niederfam said...

great logic miles!!!