Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Emmy's eyebrows

I've posted this on facebook, but should have this in this record as well.  :)

On Sunday, at one point, Emmy told me her eyebrows hurt.  I was busy getting dinner ready for the missionaries and glanced at her and saw a bit of redness and said something like, "Oh maybe it's just dry."  (She does have eczema spots on her face.)

Then during dinner I think Ben noticed something about eyebrows and that they were a little off.  We asked her what she did, but she never told us.  Did you put tape and rip it off?  Use tweezers?  Whatever, she was pretty silent about it.

Then I used the bathroom and noted Ben's three razors (Which he doesn't throw away in the trash can so the kids won't have easy access to them.  Instead, he leaves them up on the bathroom counter, to which the kids still have easy access to them . . .:).  There was something about the way they were placed that I knew what had happened to Emmy's eyebrows.

Yup, she tried to shave her eyebrows.  With no water nor soap!  Ouch!  She's very lucky she didn't hurt or cut herself.

So I say it's not that noticeable, but then I look at the picture and think, "Hahaha, it's crazy!"  If you really stopped to look at her and checked out her eyebrows, then you'd totally know something was amiss.  I think it's pretty funny:

As I said on facebook:  Here is a picture of Emmy with bilaterally, shaved by herself, quite awkward eyebrows.

That girl.  :)

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erinmalia said...

so gosh darn funny. that'll learn ben!