Sunday, March 09, 2014

Happy Birthday Miles

Oh boy.  And I thought I procrastinated in writing Jonas' letters.  It's just a few hours away until it's your birthday . . . and I'm just now starting.

I think I've stated this before, but I just feel like I say the same things every year.  I mean, yes, you are growing up and such, but you are still you - with all the good and not-so-good that it entails.

"Noise with dirt on it," is the cutesy definition of a boy.  And guess what?!  It fits you perfectly.  To a "T."  This is the year of you and NOISE.  I blame my behavior for the past year solely on the amount of noise you make on an Every.  Single.  Day.  basis.  Most of your noises are nonsense sounds.





Lately you've been answering questions with a nonsense sound.  "Miles, have you done your homework yet?"

"Slurppers," or something akin to that is the reply I get.

You don't do this at school.  So, why, oh why, do you have to do it at home?

You've had all sorts of quirky phases and I'm hoping this one, too, will pass.  ASAP.

But these noises are just part of you.  They are just "so Miles."  So even though they completely annoy me, in some way I guess they are endearing to me (ewwww) as well - because they make up YOU - a boy I love.

DIRT.  You have always been a boy that gets dirty.  That's because you play actively.  You immerse yourself (quite literally in fact) in whatever it is you are doing.  I actually don't mind it.  (Only sometimes when I've just mopped our stupid - excuse the harsh language - white floor and you come tromping in with mud caked to the bottom of your boots.)  With just a pile of dirt and one of your tiny toys, you can spend hours playing.  I love it and think it's neat about ya.

So 4th grade is what you are in this year.  You have a brand-new teacher and she likes you and you like her!  Great!  The new thing about this year is that you are involved in the "Gifted and Talented" program that the district offers.  What this means is that all day Tuesday you are with this Quest group (which I always spell as Qwest, thanks to the phone company . . .).  You get to do both the Advanced Math group and the Quest group - I usually just lump them together, but you always correct me (there are a couple of kids in the Advanced Math group that are not a part of Quest, so I know, I know, it is different).  You really like it - it's a small group - maybe 7 of you?  There is just one thing I don't like about Quest.  :)  You bring home billions of newspapers - for crafts, etc.  Most of it just ends up in the recycle bin because we can't stand the 3-foot newspaper tower on our stairs any longer.  However, you did request that your birthday presents be wrapped in newspaper. . . and that I did.

I learned an interesting assessment at a Parent-teacher conference for Quest.  I was given a bunch of print-outs of scores in math, writing, reading, etc.  Your highest scoring occurred in the "Comprehension of Informational Text" category.  You scored a 7 - which means you have a 7th grade level of understanding on nonfictional stuff.  While I found this interesting, it is in no way surprising.  You've been a fan - and an understander - of nonfiction since you were 2.

You've been part of an "Earth group" at school this year.  You've gone to a few lectures, attended some after-school meetings, etc.  You've gone around to the classrooms to see if lights are out, monitors off, etc.  I like that you are involved with this group, I just wish it helped you turn off YOUR lights every morning.  :)  You did walk home alone for the first time ever after one of these meetings.  I watched you from my bedroom window - well at least watched you crossing Park Ave.  It's busy and nobody stops a lot of the time.  It was scary watching you - but you did look both ways and did arrive home in one piece.  Success!  But I like going to school and meeting you all there after school, and so sorry, but I'll be picking you up as long as you are at Northside.

Which is only 1 1/2 more years!  Aiyiyi.  Middle school?  I'm not so sure about that.  Let's not talk about that right now.

Last year you were kind of best friends with Kara.  She is now homeschooled and so we don't see her as much, but she is still a great friend of yours.  At the beginning of the year, I would say you were best-friends with Mychael.  I can't remember how her name is spelled, but it is said, "Michael."  I just think she spelled it a little differently.  She was so similar to you - a little odd and quirky!  You were the perfect friend-match.  But then she moved away.  Now I think you've found a best-buddy in Malachi.  He usually comes over once a week.  He's a great boy and I'm glad you are friends with him.  He is very funny and makes all of you (meaning you, Jonas, Emmy, and Lucy) laugh.  He even made me laugh one afternoon - real laughing.  It was quite awesome for a 4th-grader.  :)

Your classmates seem to like you.  When I go in every other Monday, I see you chatting and getting along with the other students.  They tell me things like "Miles is a Master at Origami."  Or the such.  You've made lots of origami things for your fellow classmates.  Oh, Origami.  That is something that you've gotten in to this past year.  It's definitely a talent and hobby of yours.

Well this is longer that I thought I would get, so I think I can call it a night!  I have tons more, in fact, I could say - but I better save some for your 11th birthday.

Oh, one more thing.  As your friend Kara told us the other night, "Being in the double-digits means you have more responsibilities."

So Happy Birthday and welcome to More Responsibilities!

I love you - noises, dirt, and ALL.

your mother

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