Saturday, March 01, 2014

How Miles Spent His Rainy Saturday Morning . . .

building a bird-house thingy. The super impressive thing (it was a kit, but he still had to start with nothing, saw pieces, glue it all together, etc.) was that the instructions were all in Japanese. Awesome.

This kid Miles is interesting.  At times his focus is HORRIBLE.  Yes, caps are completely necessary.  But then he can spend a couple of hours working on something like this.  It all comes down to What Miles Wants.  If he wants to do it, he can focus.  If it's homework something he doesn't want to do, he has the darndest time focusing and just getting it done.

Let's hope his future job is something he loves and wants to do.  Good luck with that, right?!  Although I am sure, with Miles, that his future job will indeed be something he loves and wants to do - that's how life rolls with this kid.

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erinmalia said...

this is so cool! good job, miles.