Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miles' 10th Birthday

 Good morning, birthday boy!  The big 1-0.

 Miles with his birthday chair and birthday cereal - his choice.  Fun!

 Here is his birthday camping cake.  Again, I think they always look better in real-life.  :)  It was a super fun cake to make.  The trees were awesome and I got the tutorial here.  Miles, along with the other kids, loved it!  Miles added his touch by placing a lego-man at the campfire.  Cool.

 The kids always get to open one present in the morning.  So right before church Miles chose a gift from Grandpa G. and Grandma Dixie.

 He opened a transformer, plus this lava-like thingy.  He loved them both!

Then we went to church for three hours.  :)  I was subbing in Primary and so I got to see them sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  The gal conducting primary chose the sang, "You've had a birthday shout hooray . . ." to which Miles said, "I haven't had my birthday since it is today."  So they sang, "You're having a birthday, shout hooray!"  Nice.

After church we had lunch and Miles changed quickly into his birthday shirt.  On Thursday or so he said he wanted a shirt for his birthday.  I told him I hadn't gotten him one, but then asked what he'd want on it.  "A lightbulb" was his reply.  (Better than "scribble," which is his favorite non-sense word that he says a lot.)  So I found something I thought he would like, added a bubble and some wording, printed it out on transfer paper and then ironed it to a shirt..  He loved it.
 The bubble says, "Have a De*light*ful 10th Birthday Miles!"

One of Miles' gifts requests was a lighbulb or LED light.  I didn't do that, but I did come across these LED balloons.  Perfect.  They all loved them!

Miles wanted to open one more gift before they got to watch a show.  I knew what it was all about and so I let him:
Miles really likes surprises.  Sometimes they are sweet, sometimes they are not.  This was definitely sweet.  :)

After that, they got to watch "Stuart Little."  It seemed like it was a cute show and I heard lots of laughing going on during it.  (I couldn't watch because I had dinner to get ready . . .:)

 Ben came home around 3:30 and so Miles got to open his gifts.  He got some great books to read, some fun puzzle games, a Harry Potter Magic Eye book, some clothes (thanks to Grandma Dixie!), a spy pen, etc.  His big gifts were a Q-ba Maze marble run and a 3-D puzzle.  He loves them so!
 This was just his first attempt with the marble run.  His latest one built is about 2 1/2 feet tall.  Very cool.  He also got this 3-D puzzle of the Neuschwanstein Castle.  (Per his request.)  It's going to be a great project!

At about 4:30 we had the Formisano family grace our presence.  Paul F. is one of Ben's best friends.  They've been best-friends since their teenage years.  He and his wife Shanna and their three kids now live in South Dakota.  They came over to Littleton, then to Grand Junction (where Paul's grandma and sister live), then down to our house for the night.  They stayed for the night and then Paul and his sister Lara (who came later and stayed, too) went off skiing to Telluride on Monday.  Shanna and I hung out here, went to storytime, etc.  Our kids had a lot of fun playing with their kids - I just don't have pictures of them.  I think Ben got a few on his i-pod and so I'll have to take them off sometime.

 So Miles had chosen a recipe from Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipe cookbook he had gotten for Christmas.  He chose "bird pie."  A savory pie, of course.  It sounded pretty weird . . . but ended up quite good.  Ben thought it was excellent.  :)  Miles and Jonas both had seconds.  Paul and Shanna and Lara that it was great, too.  The rest of the kids - not so much.  So there is the pie up above - the yellow peppers are suppose to be chicken feet.  Bird pie comes from The Twits book.  Awesome.

Then it was more playing, a quick visit and pictures with the Sister Missionaries since Sister Quist is going home this week.  Then on to cake:

A pretty cool bonfire, eh!?  I had stuck 10 candles in the firepit.  :)  (The girl in the pictures is Paul and Shanna's oldest girl, Olivia.  She and Jonas had a lot of fun playing together!)

Anyways, it was a great day, I hope, for Miles!  We sure are happy to have that noise-making boy in our family!

P.S.  Burnt pretzels STINK.


erinmalia said...

hahaha on the pretzels. everything looks amazing! i shouldn't have showed rhett the cake because he didn't even know things like that exist! and what a sweet surprise--giving presents to his siblings. awwwwww....

Emily said...

Super awesome birthday! The cake is awesome, I'm sorry about the burnt pretzel- ha! Happy birthday Miles!!

Niederfam said...

That cake is AMAZING……super cool, and I'm sure the effect of the fire pit was worth the burnt pretzel smell??? Hopefully. ;)

Happy belated birthday to Miles…….