Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miles' Birthday Eve Day

So Miles' birthday was on Sunday this year and so we decided that we'd do something fun on Saturday to celebrate.  Originally we were going to go to Telluride and sled, ride the gandola, and ice skate.  But Ben and I also thought skiing would be fun and so we let Miles chose.  He chose skiing, so skiing it was!  We decided that just the boys would go because 1.  it's just too much money for all of us to go and 2.  if the girls went then Ben and I would have to be 1-on-1 with them and thus the boys would just be on their own.  They were pretty much on their own last time we went skiing and so we thought it would be fun if they could have their dad all to themselves.

They went back to Silverton, Kendall Mountain.  I was a bit worried about the drive since it's scary even on dry roads - and it had snowed a bit the night before.  But all was well, thank goodness.  They really had a great day!  (We girls had a pretty good day, too.  After I spent the morning cleaning (fun!?), I took the girls to McDonald's for lunch and to play at the play-place.  They loved that and spent almost an hour playing.  I had forgotten a book and so it was incredibly long and boring for me!  Then we had a stop at City Market, then back to our home and the girls got to watch Brave while I did birthday-prep stuff.)  The boys came back by 6pm and so it was a good full day for everyone.

Anyways, here are a few skiing pictures:
 Cute, skiing brothers.

 Here is one of Jonas' crashes!  Awesome.  I guess he couldn't get his boot back in to his ski and so he had to wait until Miles and Ben got off the lift and could ski down to him.  :)  Jonas crashed a few times - more than Miles, but that's because he tries more than things (like jumps).  I don't think he minded his crashes.  He told me all about them.  :)

 Miles skiing down . . .

 The two brothers at the top of a run.

Jonas going down the "black diamond" hill.  More like a blue diamond at other resorts, but still a great challenge and great fun for the boys.

P.S.  It was their first time ever skiing with poles.  They were super excited about that!  :)

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erinmalia said...

so exciting! what a fun time for them.