Friday, March 28, 2014

The day I turned 35

So I'm not really affected by my age - I'm 35 and I'm not embarrassed about it nor do I feel really old.  However, when I think that in 10 years I'll have a 20-year old and 18-year old, that makes me feel really old.  Not that I'll be 45, but that I'll have such old kids!  So maybe my parents feel really old seeing as their "youngest" just turned 35.  Weird.

Anyways, I had a really good day.  It started at 5:15 for my morning workout.  Ben actually woke up with me and did 1/2 my workout with me.  (He's been working out in the mornings with me - but usually for only 10 or so minutes.  But since he woke up when I did, we got to work out longer together.  How nice.  :)

I took Lucy to gymnastics in the morning and then we went to get me a pedicure (Ben had gotten me a gift card).  It was nice and I love how my painted toes look.  :)  Lucy just sat there the whole time asking questions like, "What is that for?"  "Does that hurt?"  etc.

Afterwards Lucy and I went and each got a frozen yogurt cone for our lunch.  :)  My favorite food!  I think Lucy loved it, too, and thought it was a pretty great lunch.

Lucy then took I nap and I talked to my parents and sister.  I also made my cake.  I got the "recipe" from here.

After school I had Girls of the Run.  My kids get to play at the playground while I help coach the girls on the run.  The other coaches had gotten together and planned a little surprise to celebrate my birthday:  cookies and Capri Suns.  That was nice and I'm sure all the girls were glad I had a birthday!  All 20 girls also sang to me.  Awesome.

After that we got home and then walked to dinner.  It's fun that we can walk to Main Street - where Colorado Boy Pizzeria is.  We had a very yummy dinner (the kids like it, too - especially the dough balls they get to play with and eat; plus just watching them make pizzas and stick them in the brick oven).  We walked back home and then enjoyed my cake.  It wasn't my favorite cake, but it was fun to try and still good to eat.

In the evening when the kids were up in their rooms, Ben and I watched episode 1 of season 3 of Downton Abbey.  Fun!

And that's how I the day I turned 35 went.

A couple pictures:

 What I woke up to.  Lovely, yummy, and fun.  :)

Getting ready to eat the cake!


erinmalia said...

what a fun day! i hope everyone was nice and went to be early. ha. (that's always my wish.)

Nicole said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a fun day!

Nicole said...

Oh, and I just checked out your cake and it's totally my kind of cake! Yummy!

Niederfam said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! Looks like a great day!